Chapter 2

As Fane reminisced, a little girl with a dirty face walked up to the gates and sneakily looked inside.

The little girl was rather skinny. She seemed to be four or five years old with a slightly yellowish skin tone. It would seem that she was malnourished.

“This little girl. Those eyes resemble Selena’s!”

Seeing the girl’s cute appearance, Fane could not resist smiling.

A maid of the Taylor family came out. She looked at the guards standing by the door and pulled the little girl to another corner.

For some reason, maybe due to the likeness of the girl’s look with Selena, Fane’s interest was piqued. He slowly walked up to them.

He then witnessed the maid carefully fish out two buns from her pockets and pass it to the little girl. “Kylie, there’s only two today!”

“Thank you, pretty sister!”

The little girl swallowed her saliva as her stomach growled. It was obvious that she was famished.

“Hurry up, eat it!”

The maid patted the little girl’s head. “Sigh, Young Master Taylor is just too mean!”

“No. I’ll take this home and eat it with Mommy, Grandpa, and Grandma!”

The little girl took the buns before smiling blissfully. For her, the two buns in her hands were akin to this world’s greatest treasures.

A sports car quickly pulled over beside them, followed by half a dozen Audi A6s as well.

“Ivan Taylor?”

Fane recognized the man immediately. After five years, Young Master Taylor had grown up. However, the changes were minimal. He was still as sheltered as before.

“Hehe, Shauna. What are you hiding there? Take it out and show it to me!”

Ivan asked with a grin on his face.


The maid repeatedly shook her head. Meanwhile, little Kylie lowered her head as though she had just made a mistake.

“Kylie, please tell me what did this pretty sister just pass to you?”

Ivan crouched down and asked the little girl.

“I won’t tell you. You’re a bad man. A very bad man!”

Kylie raised her head with her lips pursed.

“A bad man?”

Ivan chuckled. “Your mother ruined our Taylor family’s name by giving birth to you. Your mother is the evil one!”

With that said, Ivan stood up and shot a look at the two guards.

“Shauna, you’re quite brazen. How dare you pass food to this little b*stard? Do you have a death wish?”

Ivan smiled coldly, then instantly sent a backhanded slap at Shauna’s face.

“Don’t hit pretty sister, you meanie!”

Seeing that, the little girl immediately ran over and latched onto Ivan’s leg, giving it a big bite.


Ivan screamed in pain and pushed Kylie to the floor. “Are you born in the year of the dog? You wild dog. How dare you bite me?”

“Sob, sob… You’re a bad person. You’re very bad!”

Kylie was pushed to the floor and started crying.

“Here’s the buns your pretty sister gave you. Come on, eat it. You and your pretty sister get one each.”

He then threw the buns onto the floor and stomped them with his leather shoes. Ivan then stated, “If you don’t eat, I’ll break her hands and yours too!”

“Young master, I’ll eat it. Don’t make it difficult for the little one, please? I beg of you. Kylie is still Miss Selena’s daughter. Selena is your cousin!”

Shauna knelt on the floor and grabbed the buns as she looked up at the high and mighty Ivan Taylor with a pitiful expression.


Hearing those words, Fane’s mind was blown. How did Selena end up with a daughter? Furthermore, Selena was a daughter of Master Taylor. How could her daughter be like a beggar?

“Didn’t she say that she would wait for me? Could it be that she remarried that quickly after I went to war?”

Fane’s eyes turned red. He laughed bitterly in his heart and felt he was naive. He naively thought that Selena would really wait for him.

“Haha, her father has long died on the battlefield for who knows how many years. This is just a b*stard!”

“Furthermore, we initially arranged for Selena to fake her marriage to that useless delivery boy. Turns out she had actually gotten pregnant with that trash’s kid. We told her to abort the baby but she insisted on keeping it!”

“Her fate today was all well-deserved. This is the fate of someone that soils our family’s name!”

Ivan laughed out loudly.

At that point, Fane’s heart was in turmoil. This dirty little girl with patchy clothes was his own daughter?

He clenched his fists as fury took over him. Just what did Selena experience in the past five years?

“Are you eating it? If you don’t eat it, don’t even think about leaving!”

Ivan grabbed one of the dirty buns he stomped on and lifted Kylie with one hand. He then stuffed the bun into the little girl’s mouth.

“Sob, sob… You big meanie. I won’t eat. I won’t eat…”

The little girl’s feet kicked about in the air, one of them landing on Ivan’s clothes.

“Motherf*cker, you’re asking for death. Do you know how expensive my clothes are?”

Ivan looked at it, then forcefully flung Kylie aside.

“You beast! He’s your niece!”

Fane’s veins bulged from his temples. Kylie was petite. If she was thrown like that and hit the ground, how could she be fine?

He took a step, then turned into a blur and appeared in front of Ivan. He then extended his arms to catch Kylie who was just thrown away.


Kylie was in shock. She opened her big googly eyes and stared at the brave-looking man.

“Uncle, w-w-who’re you?”

Kylie stared at Fane, obviously scared.

“Don’t be scared, Kylie. Nobody will dare bully you, or your mother, in the future!”

Fane’s heart trembled as a familial feeling washed over him. This was his own daughter. This was his daughter with Selena.

“Who the f*ck is this? How dare you stick your nose in the Taylor family’s business?”

Ivan was extremely pissed after being caught by surprise.

In the span of five years, Fane went through a big change. He transformed from an ordinary delivery boy into the one and only Supreme Warrior of Daxia. Ivan was unable to recognize him in that brief moment.

“I’m definitely getting involved in this matter today!”

Fane shot him a cold glare. His aura that was stained with countless bloodshed caused Ivan to take a few steps back out of fear.

“Kylie, don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you!”

Fane lovingly looked at Kylie in his arms, then gently placed her back on the ground.

“What are you f*cking doing standing in a daze? Go break his limbs!”

Taking a look at the tall, strong guards, Ivan felt confident.

“Brat, you’re really brazen. How dare you stick your nose in Young Master Taylor’s matters!”

Around a dozen experts surrounded Fane.

Bang, bang, bang!

Unfortunately, before Ivan could see clearly, the guards were all lying on the ground.

“Ah, my hand is broken!”

“My leg! My leg!”

With the guards lying on the floor, Ivan was scared and the color drained from his face.

“B-b-brat, who’re you? I’m the Taylor family’s young master. Things won’t end well for you if you offend me!” Ivan swallowed hard, his voice trembling.

“Who am I? Hehe, I’m the one that went to the battlefield in your place!”

Fane’s gaze was intimidating. “Ivan Taylor, I fought your battle for you and faced death in your stead. There were dozens of times where I almost lost my life, yet here you are, feeding my daughter with a bun that you’ve stomped on?”

“Y-y-you’re Fane? Impossible. It’s been five years without any news. How could you have come back alive?”

Ivan was scared witless. Not only the Taylor family, but the people of Middle Province City had thought that Fane had died. According to the reports, the battle a few years back was just too brutal with too many casualties.

“I’m sorry, but fate is on my side. I can’t die!” Fane sneered, then immediately sent him a kick.

Ivan fell down kneeling on the ground. The pain in his knees caused him to yell in pain.

“Eat those two buns. Otherwise, I don’t care if you’re Selena’s cousin or not, I’ll butcher you like the animal you are!”

Fane took the two dirt-covered buns and threw them in front of Ivan with a merciless gaze in his eyes.
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