Chapter 3

“Fane, are you f*cking crazy? Don’t forget your own identity. You’re only someone that married into our family. Don’t think that just because you’ve been a soldier for a few years, you can play around with me with that little extra strength.”

Ivan gritted his teeth and tried to stand up.


Fane responded with a kick and pushed him back down, dusting up the area.

“I’m not going to repeat my words!”

Fane kept a foot on the back of Ivan’s hand.

“Ah!” Ivan shrieked. He felt as though his bones were being crushed.

“B*stard…” Ivan raised his head and was scared speechless when he looked up to meet Fane’s merciless glare.

“Are you eating it or not? If you don’t, I’ll kill you right now!” Fane declared coldly.

“E-e-eat. I’ll eat it!”

This time, Ivan was utterly terrified by Fane. Although his heart was unwilling, he could not help but take bites off the dirt-covered buns, stuffing it into his mouth.

“Shauna, thank you for your care of Kylie. Is Selena in there?”

Fane walked up to the maid, remembering that Shauna used to be Selena’s personal maid that was very close to her.

“M-m-miss was exiled from the Taylor family. The family was against her giving birth to Kylie and she disobeyed them, that’s why…”

Shauna’s eyes filled with tears as she recounted the event.

“Let’s go. Bring me to her!”

Fane picked Kylie up. “Kylie, nobody will dare pick on you in the future!”

“Pretty sister, w-w-who is he?”

Kylie was spooked by the earlier scene. It was obvious that she was still scared.

“Kylie, he’s your dad. Quickly call daddy. He’s not dead. He’s back!”

Shauna teared up as she explained. Over the past five years, Selena’s life was horrible.

“Y-y-you’re really my daddy?”

Kylie pursed her lips as her eyes brightened. “They said my daddy is dead. Are you really my daddy? Mommy told me that daddy is definitely still alive. Mommy told me that if daddy is back, we won’t have to pick up trash again!”

Fane teared up immediately. Despite his seven-foot height and being the only Supreme Warrior of Daxia, his eyes turned red with tears.

“Shauna, y-y-you should make your choice properly. If you dare walk out of our Taylor Residence, you’ll lose your job. You should know how many people are fighting for the chance to be a maid of the Taylor family!” Ivan shouted after he finally finished the two buns.

“You’re full of nonsense!”

Fane gave him a kick, sending him a few meters away. Ivan spat out a mouthful of blood and passed out.

“Good! This meanie deserves it!” Kylie squealed excitedly as she witnessed the scene.

“I don’t want this job. Let’s go. Master Fane, I’ll bring your Miss Selena!”

Shauna steeled her heart, then looked toward Kylie and asked, “Kylie, why aren’t you greeting your daddy?”

Kylie lowered her head sheepishly. After a while, she finally spoke up with a sweet innocent voice, “Daddy…”

“Good girl. Look at you, covered with dirt. Let’s go, I’ll get you cleaned up and buy some clean clothes!”

Fane lovingly kissed Kylie on the forehead. He felt that his heart was all warmed up. This was his own flesh and blood.

Very quickly, Fane brought Shauna and Kylie to the best bathhouse in the Middle Province.

“Master, it’s very expensive here…” Shauna reminded him softly.

“My daughter deserves to enjoy such treatment!”

Fane did not look up all the while. His loving gaze remained fixated at Kylie who was in his arms.

“Sir, are you lost? This bathhouse does not welcome beggars!”

Just as they reached the door, a server chuckled as he looked at Kylie’s dirty face. His gaze was filled with disgust.

“I know!”

Fane sternly warned, “I’ll give you 10 minutes!”

“10 minutes?” The other party was confused.

“10 minutes to clear this place up. I need to give my precious daughter a bath!”

The server chuckled. “Sir, are you joking? We offer individual baths for over a thousand people, and that’s not including other activities. Unless you have around 80,000 bucks, I’m afraid you’re just dreaming to have me clear this place!”

Having said that, the server paused for a moment before continuing, “Looking at you, you’re not someone that can fork out that much money! Furthermore, even if you have the money, you can’t expect us to render our services to a beggar, right?”

Fane’s expression darkened. The surrounding had seemingly dropped a few degrees. “Say that again?”

“Your daughter is so dirty. Is she not a beggar?”


The server was sent flying with a kick…

“F*ck you, what are you trying to do? Do you know what place this is?”

The server climbed back up and shouted, “Guys, someone is here to cause trouble!”

“WTF, this place is under the Clark family’s jurisdiction. Is this fella crazy? He dares to start trouble here?”

“That’s right. We can’t help it if he’s here to court death!”

A few customers shook their heads as they witnessed the scene.

One should know that luxurious bathhouses like this one were naturally backed by powerful forces.

To the extent that they might have the power to cause the entire Middle Province to tremble under their feet.

Very soon, a group of sturdy men rushed in.

“Who dares to cause trouble at our place?” one of them shouted.

He was a burly man.

“This territory belongs to the Clark family. You’re quite brave to dare cause trouble here!” said another guy.

“My daughter is not a beggar. It’s fine if you humiliate me. If anyone dares to offend my daughter, it won’t end well for them!”

All these years, his daughter must have gone through much suffering. Fane was only hoping to make it up to her and Selena.

“Kid, it’s you. You’re quite daring!”

“Do you know who I am? I’m Black Dragon of Middle Province, general of the Clark family. Kneel and admit your wrongdoing right now, then get out of my sight!”

“My establishment doesn’t serve ill-dressed folks, nor do we serve stinking beggars. Your daughter is definitely a beggar…”

The burly man took two steps forward with an arrogant look on his face.

“What!? He’s Black Dragon? Tch, tch, I heard that he’s a fearsome fighter. All his achievements came from his kills! Once, he managed to kill over a hundred people and saved Master Clark’s life. That story was spread all over the streets!”

Some onlookers took a few steps back, feeling scared. They felt a sense of dread welling up from within.

“You want me to kneel to you?”

Fane was astonished. “I’m afraid the one that dares to have me kneel is not born yet. I’ve already forgotten how many people I’ve killed!”

“Interesting. You dare act tough in front of me. Hahaha, I’m afraid you weren’t even born yet when I started chopping others with my saber!”

Black Dragon laughed out loud. “I’m sorry kid, I know full well how many people of great power there are in Middle Province. Coincidentally, you’re not on that list!”

“Today… You’ll get to know me!”

Just as he finished his sentence, there was a flash of light. Black Dragon fell down just like that.

Black Dragon remained laying on the ground, his eyes filled with surprise. He was no longer breathing.

Silence enveloped the area!

“This is bad. B-B-Black Dragon is dead!” Someone shouted in fear after taking a look.
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