Chapter 5

Shauna led Fane to the door of a small, dilapidated courtyard house.

There was a big banyan tree in the courtyard. Looking in from there, it appeared tranquil. However, there was the problem that the place was too run down.

“You’re telling me that my mother, Selena, and the in-laws are staying here?”

Seeing the house in front of him, Fane felt sorry for them.

Selena was the daughter of Master Taylor. She was fantastically talented. Back then, she was even known as a stunningly beautiful director that exuded pride. Countless people courted her.

At that moment, because of her decision to keep the kid, she was kicked out of the household to stay at such a place!

Shauna smiled bitterly. “There’s also your little uncle! He was still young five years ago, but he’s now 19 and staying here.”

“That many people!”

Fane’s eyes turned red. “Selena must’ve had a hard time!”

However, they quickly noticed a Bentley was parked by the courtyard.

“Why’s there a Bentley here?”

Fane scowled, feeling suspicious.

“I don’t know. After all, I hardly come here. Sigh, too many things have happened over the five years. Miss Selena has been waiting for you all the while!”

“However, her parents’ patience ran out a long time ago. Furthermore, they had a strong bias against you...claiming that you forced yourself on Miss Selena during the wedding night, taking advantage of her drunkenness…” Shauna said carefully with a frown.

“Sigh, I can only slowly make it up to them. I’ve caused father and mother-in-law to suffer together!”

Fane sighed deeply. He too wanted to stay by the side of his woman, and yet was just as helpless.

Just as he entered, Fane scowled and raised his hand, signaling Shauna to keep quiet for the sound coming from within the house made him angry.

The voice of Selena’s mother could be heard. “Young Master Clark, don’t you worry. There has been no news of that kid for five years. He’s long gone! I’m planning to go apply for a death certificate. By then, you can marry our Selena!”

“Haha, thank you very much!”

Young Master Clark laughed loudly, then said, “Auntie, there’s actually no need to get that death certificate. The marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. I, Ken Clark, am not such a superficial person. When the time comes, we just need to arrange a glorious and grand marriage ceremony! The most important thing is for Selena to agree to our marriage.”

“Agree! Of course she’d agree!”

Selena’s mother immediately thumped her chest and said, “Don’t you worry. Her father and I will help you persuade her!”

“Really? However, she is quite the stubborn one!”

“Back then, if not for her insisting to give birth to that b*stard, you guys wouldn’t be kicked out of the Taylor family to suffer alongside her over here!”

Young Master Clark then added calmly, “Sigh, five years ago, Selena was the prettiest girl in the Middle Province. Look at her now, what has she become?”

“That’s right. It’s all that delivery boy’s fault. The original deal was just a faked marriage, yet he ended up impregnating our Selena.”

Once again, Mrs. Taylor added, “Our Selena is really obstinate, stubbornly claiming that child to be her flesh and blood, swearing to care for her!”

“Hehe, it’s okay. Uncle, Auntie, I’m sincerely in love with Selena. Once Selena is with me, wealth is not an issue!”

Having said that, Young Master Clark took out a jade bracelet. “I had someone bring this jade bracelet over from Shanghai. It’s worth quite a sum. I’ll give it to Auntie as a gift!”

“T-T-This… How can we accept this?”

Beyond the door, Fane’s expression turned uglier by the second. His fists gripped tightly together.

He tried his best to suppress the raging fire in his heart. After calming himself, he then knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?”

Mrs. Taylor’s voice sounded annoyed as she opened the gate.

“Who’re you?”

Mrs. Taylor, Fiona Lewis, looked at Fane suspiciously, then looked at Kylie, asking, “Why are you holding onto our Kylie?”

“Grandma, h-h-he’s daddy!”

Kylie looked at Fane, then said softly, “Daddy said that with him home, nobody would dare to bully me and mommy ever again!”

Fiona was dumbstruck on the spot, then quickly exclaimed in astonishment, “Wonderful. Fane, the shameless one, is actually alive… You have the gall to show up now? You need to compensate my daughter for her lost youth. Our family is in a rut because of you!”

“Who? Who’s back? It’s that b*stard Fane?”

Selena’s father rushed out, limping forward to grab at Fane. “I’ll kill you, you beast. If not for you tainting our Selena’s purity, would she need to make a living from collecting trash? If not for you, my leg wouldn’t have been crippled!”

Fane had a huge shock. How did Selena end up collecting trash? How did her father’s leg end up like this?

Although it was not his fault as Selena took the initiative, he was also drunk during that time and did not resist the urge.

However, it was still because of him that they ended up like this.

No wonder Andrew Taylor and Fiona Lewis would hate him to this extent.

Fane’s heart was wracked with guilt. ‘That’s right, if not for my impulsive behavior, their entire family wouldn’t have had to suffer.’

“Shauna, take Kylie over to the courtyard to play for a while!”

Fane passed Kylie over to Shauna.

“Brat, of all times, you chose to come back now. Why are you here? It’d be better if you had just died on the battlefield!”

Fiona was in tears. “I think you’re just unwilling to let our Selena live a single day in comfort. You animal!”

“I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Andrew immediately sent a slap at Fane.

However, the next instant, his hand was firmly in Fane’s grasp. “Father, I’m sorry. It’s because of me that you had to suffer. Regardless, Selena has already given birth to Kylie. I, Fane Woods, will take full responsibility. I won’t let her down. She has waited for me all this while. I’ll let her live a comfortable life.”

“Huh, you dare to grab my hand? Get out of my sight!”

Andrew was pissed. As expected of a retired soldier, Fane’s strength was great. He was unable to move an inch.

“He can’t leave!”

Unexpectedly, right at that moment, Young Master Clark approached them with a smile. “This kid is back just in time. Since he’s not dead, we can have him divorce Selena. Moreover, Kylie is his kid. He’s her father, therefore he should take custody over Kylie. From now on, we’ll just have Kylie follow him!”

Having said that, he further added with a grin on his face, “After all, I’m unwilling to help someone take care of their baggage. Without this burden, both mine and Selena’s life will be much better!”
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