Chapter 6

“That’s right. You’re absolutely right! To be honest, I don’t really like this little girl anyway!”

Fiona nodded repeatedly. “After all, she shouldn’t have existed!”

Hearing those words, Fane felt the urge to kill them all in just one strike.

However, deep down, he reminded himself to stay calm. After all, Fiona was Selena’s mother, his mother-in-law.

This place was no longer the battlefield where he killed as he wished. At the very least, Fiona and Andrew were not his enemies.

Andrew’s leg was in its current condition because of his rash actions with Serena on their wedding night.

Their hatred for him was reasonable.

However, there was an outsider present.

Fane smiled coldly, then looked toward Young Master Clark. “Kylie is my daughter. She’s not baggage, nor is she a b*stard child. You have to kneel down and apologize for your words!”

At that point, Fane paused for a moment, then continued, “If not because of my unwillingness to stain this place on my first day home, you’d be dead by now!”

“Haha, brat, did I hear you correctly? Do you know who you’re talking to?”

Young Master Clark laughed, then pointed at the Bentley outside. “I heard that you used to be a delivery boy. A few years of war as a soldier has made you a tough guy, eh? You’re nothing in my eyes. Do you know how much that car costs? A person like you can’t afford to buy one in your entire life.”

“That’s right. Fane, stop your meddling. Take your daughter and leave!”

Fiona took a step forward, then added, “Stop messing with my daughter’s search for happiness!”

“Mother, unless Selena personally asks me to go away, I will never leave her side!”

Fane looked at Fiona with a resolved expression on his face.

“What do you have to compare with me? How do you qualify to be with her? A person needs to understand his own shortcomings, no?”

Young Master Clark took a step forward, then jabbed at Fane’s chest. “You’re just a useless soldier…”


To their surprise, Fane sent Young Master Clark a few steps back with a slap. He spat a mouthful of blood along with three teeth.


Young Master Clark screamed while his cheeks burned.

“Y-Y-You dare to hit me? You’re courting death! Do you know who I am?”

Young Master Clark was furious. He wanted to fight back, yet dared not to.

The person in front of him had returned from the battlefield. He, a pampered young master, was surely no match for Fane.

“Fane, do you know who he is? He’s the Clark family’s young master. The Clark family is a lot wealthier and has more influence than our Taylor family!”

“I don’t care who he is. He dared to badmouth my daughter and have unclean thoughts about Selena. It’s already generous of me to not kill him!” Fane coldly declared.

“Alright, you’re ballsy and quite capable. Do you dare to let me make a phone call?” Ken said menacingly.

“I wouldn;’t be scared even if you made 10 calls!”

Fane could not be bothered with him. Such trash meant nothing in his eyes.

“F-F-Fane Woods?”

Right then, a melodious voice could be heard coming from behind them.

Fane’s heart trembled. He turned around to see Selena, still beautiful as ever, but dressed in simple garments. His eyes immediately turned watery. “Selena, I’m back.”

“This is wonderful. I knew it. I knew you'd survive!”

Selena’s body trembled, dropping the bags filled with trash to the ground. “It’s good that you’re back. Our child must not be without a father!”

Selena’s voice quickly regained its calm.

Must not be without a father!

Those six simple words made Fane realize Selena’s feeling for him at that moment.

That was right. They hardly had any feelings for each other as the marriage was just for show.

What happened that night was due to Selena’s rashness…

As for the child, she could not bear to abort her as she was her own flesh and blood.

Just six simple words fully expressed the helplessness in her heart.

“Selena, rest assured. Nobody will dare to bully you from now on!”

Fane raised his hand, declaring matter-of-factly, “I swear!”

“My dear, have him get out of here and take Kylie along. He will only bring trouble!”

Seeing her own daughter come home, Fiona grabbed onto Selena’s hand and said in tears, “Divorce him quick. Young Master Clark just promised us that he will take good care of you and us. I don’t want to see you collecting trash again. I also don’t wish to live in such a difficult situation anymore. Staying in a place like this is making us the laughing stock of others.”

“Ma, I’m sorry. I can’t abandon Kylie! Although Fane might be useless, he’s still my man and Kylie’s father. I believe that if we work hard together, our life will definitely get better!”

Selena managed a bitter smile, her eyes filled with helplessness.

“H-H-He hit Young Master Clark right after he returned home. Look, even his teeth fell off!”

Andrew was squatting on the floor in anger, feeling disappointed.


Selena looked at the teeth and bloodstains on the floor, then shot an astonished look at Fane. “W-W-Why did you hit him? You’re too rash! This will be troublesome!”

“It’s fine, honey. You don’t have to worry!”

Fane smiled calmly, silently appreciating the woman standing before him. She was just as pretty as before.

“What do you mean there’s nothing to worry? Quickly come apologize to Young Master Clark. He’s the most promising child of the Clark family’s younger generation and also the Eldest Young Master. He’s the heir apparent, the Clark family’s future master!”

“This time, you’re really in big trouble!”

Selena was extremely worried, urgently pushing Fane toward Young Master Clark.

“Apologize? Ptooi!”

Once again, Young Master Clark spat out the blood in his mouth, then looked up and puffed his chest. “It’s too late to apologize now. My dad has ordered Dan Jameson to come and settle this matter!”

“Dan Jameson?”

Fane was baffled. Was that not the person he had just defeated in an arm-wrestling match? What a coincidence.

Seeing how Fane was in a daze, Young Master Clark burst out laughing. “What’s this? Scared? Do you know who Dan is? He’s our Clark family’s number one fighter that will kill without remorse. He took down two to three hundred people all on his own. Do you think you’re so great just because you’ve been a soldier? Hehe, what an ignorant fool!”

“Young Master Clark, please show your generosity and let this person go. He’s just a boor. Why bother?”

Selena went forward to put in a kind word for Fane, feeling helpless.

“I’ve lost a few teeth and you’re telling me to let him go? Are you kidding me?”

Young Master Clark massaged his swollen cheek, filled with anger. “I can let this slide as long as you divorce him right now...and marry me!”

“Young Master Clark, is that necessary? With your status, you can easily find a beautiful young lady. Why would you insist on a married woman like myself?”

Selena smiled awkwardly. “Young Master Clark, please stop your jokes!”

“I’m sorry, but you’re the type I like!”

Young Master Clark laughed coldly. “Since you’re unwilling to divorce him, then I’m not to be blamed. This brat will die today!”
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