Chapter 8

“Ma, no matter what you say, he’s still Kylie’s father and your son-in-law. Don’t ridicule him like that anymore!”

“Those matters from the past are far behind us now. You should stop talking about it too!”

Selena was just as kind and understanding as before.

“Bullsh*t! We’ve never recognized him as our son-in-law. This doesn’t count!” Fiona retorted.

“That’s right. If not for him, my leg wouldn’t be in this state!” Andrew was similarly holding his grudge.

“But what mistake did he commit? Back then, I slept with him out of spite. I didn’t expect myself to be pregnant from that!”

Selena felt helpless. It was indeed her own brazen action that caused this. However, she really could not bear aborting the child.

The situations they face up to that point were considered compensations for the mistake she made back then.

“But you didn’t have to carry the child.’re really trying to give me a heart attack!”

Fiona stomped her foot in frustration.

“Nevermind. It is what it is. He’s back from the war. Let’s just see if he can find something to do in the future. Our lives will improve eventually!”

Andrew took out a cigarette and lit it. He was indeed angry when he saw Fane, but at that point, there was nothing he could do. After all, Kylie was his granddaughter, the flesh and blood of his own daughter.

“How much better can it get? Can it compare to back when we were staying in the townhouse?”

Fiona was still huffing angrily.

“Selena, where’s my mother? How come I haven’t seen her?”

Fane frowned. He had been back for quite a while, but he had yet to see his mother. Shauna told him earlier that his mother was staying with them.

“She’s still working. We can’t help that. Your mother is uncultured and old. She can only work as a cleaner outside. Her monthly salary is quite low, and she has split some over for us. As a family, we can only make do!” Selena finally said after a bitter smile.

“Come, bring me to her! You should know which street she’s in charge of, right?”

Hearing that his own mother was working as a cleaner and the entire family’s income was dependent on her and Selena’s trash collecting, Fane felt very uncomfortable.

“Brat, I’m telling you that you need to divorce our Selena. Moreover, I won’t let you off without at least ten million bucks of compensation for her lost youth!”

Just as they were leaving, Fiona’s furious outburst could be heard from behind.

At that moment, the scorching sun was high in the sky. The blazing summer day caused the temperature on the ground to rise continuously.

On the side of a street, a middle-aged woman was holding onto a hat as she cleaned the road.


An empty mineral water bottle was thrown right in front of that middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman raised her head and saw two youngsters along with some girls in sexy short dresses. She shook her head in resignation. “Sigh, youngsters these days...they don’t even know how to throw it into the trash can right there.”

Unexpectedly, the cleaner’s lamentation was heard by the other party.

“F*ck, you’re just a cleaner. Why are you spouting so much nonsense?”

“I’m throwing it in front of you. What about it? If I don’t throw my trash here, you cleaners would be getting paid for nothing, isn’t it?” The youngster that threw the bottle immediately started running his mouth.

Having said that, he followed with spitting on the floor. “People from the lower rung of society can only get so far!”

“That’s right. If not for us creating trash, they’ll be unemployed!”

One of the young girls with curly hair was wearing a black skirt and pantyhose. She started chewing on sunflower seed and threw the shells all over the place. “Clean it up. If you don’t clean properly, you might get a pay cut!”

The two youngsters joined in and grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds, munching away. “That’s right. Auntie, clean it properly. Hahaha!”

“Y-y-you guys are still so young, yet so uncultured. The trash can is right there. Don’t you know that littering is a very uncultured thing to do?”

The cleaning lady was aggravated. Under the hot blazing summer sun, she was on the verge of passing out from the heat, yet the street that she spent so much effort cleaning up was…

“Haha, you’re teaching me about culture? You’re just a cleaner, yet you’re talking about culture. What a joke!”

The first youngster burst into laughter once more.

Witnessing the scene, Fane and Selena almost had an aneurysm. These youngsters were too uncivilized.

“What’s the point of you guys bullying an elderly here?”

Before Fane could take a step forward, Selena was already rushing up to them, shouting angrily, “What’s with that behavior? People are working so hard to clean the street. Can’t you guys just do your part to maintain a nice environment?”

“Aiyo, pretty lady, are you trying to stand up for her? You look pretty and have a shapely body. However, you’re a little too poor. Look at those patchy clothes!”

That youngster shot a look at Selena and was surprised by what he saw. This woman was wearing such old and simple clothes, yet they could not cover up her beauty.

“Don’t you know to mind your own business?”

The two girls, instead, gave Selena disgusted looks.

“Selena, why are you here?”

Fane’s mother, Joan Xavier quickly pulled Selena back. “Nevermind, it’s fine. They’ll go away after a while. I’ll just clean it up after that!”

“Mother, they’re too much. They’ve crossed the line!”

Selena felt uncomfortable. Her fists were tightly gripped, but she could not do anything.

“Hey pretty, you look quite cute when you’re angry!”

The youngster took a look, growing more excited. He could not resist teasing, “Come here. If you give me a kiss, we’ll stop littering. Deal?”

“You dare pick on my woman!?”

Fane could not hold back any longer. He stepped forward and stared them in the eye.


Joan was caught off guard. She quickly recognized Fane and started tearing up. “Fane, y-y-you’re back?”

Fane turned around. His eyes were similarly tearing up, grabbing Joan’s hands tightly, “Ma, I’m sorry. Your son made you suffer. I was unable to be by your side for the past five years!”

“No, I’m fine. I’m doing just fine!”

“All that matters is that you’re home safe and sound. They all said that you’ve died on the battlefield. I knew you’d definitely come back alive!”

Joan’s passionate tears flowed as her voice trembled. Her pair of old callused hands holding onto Fane’s hands quietly, fearing that it would be all a dream if she let go of them.

“I’m back, I’m really back. We’ll never be separated again and live comfortably in the future!” Fane nodded repeatedly. “Your son has been unfilial for making you worried!”

“No, no, you’re a good boy. I know you married into the family just to get money for my treatment. You went to war for our country!”

Joan’s tears blurred her eyesight. “I’m very satisfied to have such a son!”

“F*ck, are you guys from the entertainment department? What’s with all these dramatic flairs? Sickening!”

That youngster was frustrated. However, his words caused Fane’s eyes to flicker with murderous intent.
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