Chapter 10

“Are these three people sane? They look so dirty. Look at that woman wearing a street cleaner’s uniform and a straw hat. Good heavens, isn’t this an exclusive store for that famous international brand?”

A rich woman sneered coldly as she looked over whilst picking her clothes. She was holding onto a branded bag.

“I’m sorry, madam. I’ll have them leave immediately!”

The beautiful saleswoman beside her immediately responded with a customary smile, then turned around to instruct the other saleswoman, “Go, send them out of here. Don’t let them lower our store’s class!”

The saleswoman quickly strutted over in her high heels and approached Fane’s group of three. “Hello. Are you here to buy clothes? We’re a branded store. Our products are from overseas and of high quality…”

That saleswoman was an experienced employee. She was sure that when put that way, those poor people would naturally realize that they came to the wrong place and quietly take their leave.

However, she had obviously made a mistake this time.

Fane looked around, then stated, “High class is good. I’m looking to buy some classy clothes for my mother and wife. I won’t accept anything of lower class!”


The saleswoman was stunned. “Sir, are you sure?”

Fane looked at Selena who stood beside him. “My wife is so pretty and graceful. Shouldn’t she wear something classy?”

“Hehe, of course. It’s just that I’m worried you would have issues with the payment later.”

The saleswoman chuckled. If not for maintaining the store’s image, she would have told him off directly. How could these poor blokes afford their goods?

“What issues?”

Fane could not be bothered. He immediately pointed at a dress and stated, “Selena, that dress looked decent. I think it’ll suit you!”

“It’s fine. I don’t really like that color. Fane, I think we should leave!”

Selena was feeling nervous. Before her marriage, she would frequent stores like this.

However, at that moment, she felt extremely restrained.

“You don’t like this color? That’s quite a good excuse!”

Unexpectedly, that rich lady had approached them. She sneered, “Just admit that you can’t afford it. Is there a point to keep up with the facade? What’s the point of keeping up appearances if you’re poor? Only the rich are worthy of keeping up with appearances!”

“Poor? Based on what are you judging our wealth?”

Fane was pissed. He did not mind others badmouthing him. However, that was aimed at Selena. It was unacceptable.

“Where else?”

Seeing that Fane dared to retort her, she immediately took up the confrontation. “Just about anywhere. How can a street cleaner and two poorly dressed people afford to buy clothes here? Have a look for yourself. This dress itself is priced at five figures. Can you see it?”

“What! F-f-five figures!”

Joan was shocked. She was really taken aback. She knew that it would be expensive, but she thought it would at most be one or two thousand bucks. She never expected it to hit five figures.

“Fane, why don’t we forget about it? We can go look elsewhere!”

Joan looked at Fane with a frown.

“Ma, don’t you worry about this matter. The clothes here are for the younger folks. I’ll pick some for Selena first. I’ll help you pick some later!”

Faced with his mother, Fane’s expression was a lot gentler.

“This one. Selena, go give it a try!”

Fane picked the one that he liked and passed it to Selena.

“You really want me to try it on?”

Selena frowned. Women liked to look beautiful. She naturally wanted to wear this type of clothes as well.

However, her current situation was unlike before. She was no longer the pretty director from before, nor the Taylor family’s Eldest Miss.

Even if Fane had over two hundred thousand bucks from his reward, that was earned from him risking his life.

She did not want to spend Fane’s hard-earned money this way.

“Go try it on. What are you afraid of?!”

Fane pushed Selena into the changing room.

“Wait a minute. Look at her covered in dirt. What if she dirtied our clothes? By then I’m afraid we can’t sell them anymore!” The beautiful saleswoman asked angrily as her expression darkened.

“If you continue spouting nonsense, I’ll give you a beating.”

Fane shot her a glare. That intimidating aura caused her to cower and took a few steps back.

“You’re not letting us try the clothes out before buying? What’s the point of the changing rooms?”

Fane retorted coldly, then ushered Selena into the changing room.

Selena looked at Fane. It all seemed like a dream to her. The Fane right then was really very different from before.

‘Is this the same delivery boy from five years ago who willingly marry into my family and enlist for war in Ivan’s place for one million bucks?’

At that moment, Fane seemed very manly and domineering.

She smiled, then quickly changed and walked out of the changing room.

“Selena, you’re really beautiful in this dress. Absolutely stunning!”

Joan took a look and her eyes brightened. “If it’s ten thousand, so be it. We’ll buy this. All these years, my Fane hasn't bought you anything before. This is something he should have gotten for you. If not because of our lack of money, it won’t matter even if you buy ten of them!”

“It’s really beautiful, but I think it’s a little too expensive!”

Selena frowned. Although she was unwilling to part with it, she still suggested, “Why don’t we look around for a little? There are many shops we haven’t checked out yet!”

“Just buy it if it looks good. Money is not a problem!”

Meanwhile, Fane passed her another two dresses. “These two look good too. Try it on!”

“Wait a minute. You can’t try this dress!” The beautiful saleswoman quickly took one of the dresses from them. “Sir, this is a limited edition dress. It’s the only dress in the entire country. This dress is really expensive, priced at over a hundred thousand bucks! It’s the most expensive one in our store, so…”


However, before she could finish her sentence, Fane had given her a slap. “What did I say earlier? Have you forgotten already? I’ve told you that I’d smack you if you continue spouting nonsense!”


The beautiful saleswoman almost had a stroke. What kind of person was that. So uncivilized. He really dared to hit her.

The saleswoman looked pitiful. She was at the verge of crying.

“Brat, you’re really daring huh? A poor bloke like you still dare to be this brazen? Now you’ve even hit someone. Poor folks like you shouldn’t be in stores like this! You said you’re rich right? Sure, just you wait. If you can’t afford to pay later, I, Sister Karen, won’t let you leave this store!”

Sister Karen was ruthless and chatty. After delivering her speech, she took out her iPhone and made a call. “Old Roger, bring some men to the South Wing on the second floor. I’m being bullied. There’s a poor bloke that’s acting insolently in my face!”

“Fane, what are you doing?”

Witnessing that, Selena frowned and said worriedly, “I think we better get going. I’m not trying it on!”

“They’re just looking down on us and spewing nonsense. If I don’t teach them a lesson, they won’t learn!”

Having said that, Fane took both dresses. “It’s fine not to try it. Pack this up. I think the size is about right!”

“I better try it on then!”

Selena was feeling helpless. Such an expensive dress. It would be a huge loss if they purchased it just to find it being the wrong size.

Furthermore, looking at Fane’s behavior, the purchase was unavoidable.

Before she could finish trying the two dresses, there were several bodyguards in suits standing in front of the door. Meanwhile, Sister Karen was also standing by the door, sneering at Fane.

“Sister Karen, that’s the poor bloke? Hehe, don’t worry. I’m used to dealing with this type of poor and insolent fool. I’ll let him know what cruelty means later!”
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