Chapter 12

“Settle the matter? How do you plan to settle this? For that matter, I’m at fault too. Furthermore, Old Master Taylor is still my grandfather. Are you planning to beat him up?”

Selena smiled bitterly, then said, “This time, you come with us and just stay quiet in a corner. After so many years, Grandpa’s temper should have improved. Maybe a few good words will stop them from pursuing this matter.”

“Alright, I’ll try my best to follow your instructions and avoid acting. Otherwise, you’ll complain that I’m being too violent!”

Fane laughed bitterly. He wanted to see for himself how the people from the Taylor family would treat him without knowing his identity.

Furthermore, the reason he came back this time was not to be the Supreme Warrior. He only wished to peacefully accompany his woman and care for his mother, living life comfortably.

Taking a taxi, the group of three quickly arrived at the gates of Taylor Residence.

“That brat is really brazen to actually hit Young Master Taylor. Didn’t he know that Young Master Taylor was extremely petty?”

“That’s right. I’m afraid this won’t end well. He’s just a soldier, a stinking live-in son-in-law. He should consider his own identity!”

They overheard the quiet exchange of the two guards at the gate just as they got out of the car.

However, when the guards noticed their arrival, they immediately kept quiet.

One of them smiled. “Miss Selena, you’re back. We’ll inform the Master and Old Master right away!”

“No need! We’ll go by ourselves!”

Selena looked at the gate stoically with complex feelings.

She had numerous wonderful memories of her childhood here. Unexpectedly, after growing up, the Taylor family turned out to be filled with so much political intrigue. To her, the bigger surprise was the fact that she would, one day, be kicked out of this place.

After hesitating for a moment, the trio entered slowly.

Just as they reached the gate of the Old Master’s villa, they could hear the voices of discussion coming from within.

“That Fane is too much. Who does he think he is to hit Ivan?!”

“That’s right. He’s just a soldier of a few years. Does he think he’s some big shot now? How can a sparrow transform into a phoenix?!”

“Most importantly, Ivan was suffering from fractured bones. I heard that he was beaten to the point of unconsciousness!”

A few relatives of the Taylor family were having a heated discussion, as though Fane was a condemned sinner.

“Yes, that’s right. That brat is in the wrong. Argh, I’m so pissed!”

Just as Selena was about to enter, Fiona’s voice could be heard.

Selena frowned immediately. Her outstretched hand paused in the air.

Right at that moment, Fiona’s voice was heard once more, “You might not know this, but earlier today, he actually slapped Ken Clark, the Clark family’s young master, and caused him to lose three teeth!”

“Young Master Clark? That Young Master Clark that fancies your Selena all this while? He went looking for you?”

Old Master Taylor could not help but ask.

“I know, right?” He thought that Fane was surely dead and hoped that Selena would divorce Fane so that he could marry Selena. Moreover, he also mentioned that he does not mind about Kylie’s incident.

“Who could’ve known that Fane would suddenly come back at that time…”

Fiona grew more agitated over time. “This time, I’m afraid the Clark family won’t let it go that easily!”

Selena could not bear listening on, pushing straight through the door with Fane and Joan with her. “Ma, I won’t accept Ken’s proposal! He’s a fake gentleman. Do you really think that he would be nice to me after getting married? By that time, I don’t know how much frustration I’ll have to go through!”

“Selena, you’re finally back. If you don’t give me a proper resolution for today’s matter, I won’t let this go!”

Upon seeing Fane and Selena’s arrival, Ivan, who had one hand in bandages, stared at them angrily with his eyes wide open.

“Ivan, are you without fault? You had Kylie eat the buns that you threw on the floor and stomped on. Do you think that Fane, as a father, could tolerate that?”

Selena’s expression darkened, then looked at Old Master Taylor and said, “Grandpa, Fane can’t be blamed for this matter. Ivan was really going overboard.”

“Ivan, is that the case?”

Old Master Taylor was not an unreasonable person. He looked at Ivan and asked slowly.

Ivan immediately retorted, “How is that possible? I was only joking and Fane coincidentally saw it. Who knew he would act without even saying anything! H-h-he even forced me to eat that bun!”

“Ivan Taylor, if you continue to spew nonsense, I’ll break your other arm!”

Beside her, Fane could no longer bear to watch it. Ivan was clearly lying blatantly.

Hearing those words, Ivan took a few steps back. It was obvious that he was scared.

However, remembering that they were in Taylor Residence and Fane was just a live-in son-in-law, he probably would not dare do anything with this many witnesses.

With his newfound confidence, he took a step forward. “You guys take a look at how insolent this brat is. He’s just a live-in son-in-law, not even a Taylor, yet he dared to utter such words in front of everyone.”

Ivan turned around and shot a look at Fane. The words that Fane was about to say were held back.

He had already caused Selena to suffer through so many years of hardships. For Selena’s sake, he did not wish to complicate matters. Furthermore, he only wanted to enjoy a peaceful life.

“Fane, you’re too brazen. If not for the one million bucks we gave you, your mother won’t be able to afford the surgery and died!”

“Not only are you ungrateful, but you also repaid kindness with malice and treat our Taylor family this way?”

One of the relatives of the Taylor family immediately started their accusations.

“That’s right. If it’s not for us, would his mother still be around?”

Another elder was similarly putting up airs, acting high and mighty.

In their eyes, Fane and Joan were outsiders, penniless people of the lower class.

If not for Selena being pregnant with that b*stard child, Fane would have nothing to do with their Taylor family.


Right then, one of the girls from the Taylor family in her twenties, Cecilia Taylor, noticed the shopping bag in Joan’s hand.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Those are all branded stuff!”

Cecilia walked forward and studied Joan, who was still in her cleaner’s uniform, closely, then said disdainfully, “Did you rob or steal these?!”

With Cecilia pointing it out, everyone immediately took notice of those shopping bags. They were obviously international brands. Was that something they could even afford?

“My son bought it for me and Selena. Although we’re poor, we have always been honorable. There’s no way we would resort to stealing or robbing!”
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