Chapter 13

“Honorable? Hehe, if you’re not wearing such clothing, I might just believe it!”

Cecilia sneered, then added, “There should be a few dresses in there. From the looks of it, some were bought for Selena, right? I’m guessing the total should be some tens of thousand bucks!”

Cecilia commented as she looked through the content. She suddenly saw a dress and took it out of the bag. “It can’t be. T-t-this is a limited edition worldwide! This dress is over a hundred thousand bucks! It’s the newest model from this brand!”

Hearing those words, several people from the Taylor family had a shocked expression.

It was not that they could not afford that dress, but it was weird that Fane’s group could afford it.

Moreover, it was not some high-end watch or jade pieces, but just a dress. Even those from the Taylor family would think twice before spending hundreds and thousands of bucks.

“Put the dress back. I don’t want your hand dirtying Selena’s dress!”

Upon seeing her taking the dress out, Fane’s expression darkened as he issued the warning.

Cecilia was astonished, then proceed to put it back into the bag. However, she soon started smiling. “Hehe, I know. You must’ve bought fake goods. Tsk…tsk it does seem authentic. I almost believed it.”

The others came to a sudden realization. ‘That’s right. How can they afford international branded items? What a joke. What else could it be if not high-quality imitation?’

“Cecilia, its authenticity has nothing to do with you, does it?” This is my husband’s gift for me. As long as it’s from him, I’ll like it regardless of its authenticity!”

Upon hearing the unpleasant words she had said, Selena replied sarcastically, “Unlike some people, without a boyfriend despite their advanced age. Could it be that you’re jealous of me?”


Cecilia was triggered. Although her appearance was not bad, she indeed had no boyfriend. Selena’s word caused her great discomfort.

She then sneered, “Hehe, I’m jealous of you? That’s rich. Should I be jealous of you being kicked out of the Taylor family like trash? I don’t have a boyfriend because I want to find a rich man. Unlike someone, cheap enough to just marry a delivery boy.”

By that point, Cecilia added more venomous comments. “Moreover, the wedding ceremony was lackluster. There wasn’t even a betrothal gift. What a shame it was for our Taylor family.”

“So what if I’m willing? That’s none of your business. This is my own choice to make!”

Selena was fighting back fiercely, almost breaking her ladylike persona.

“Sure, of course. Some people are happy with their degeneracy, what can we do about it?”

Cecilia shrugged. “Well, that kind of hardship is something this lady will never experience.”


Finally, Old Master Taylor roared stoically.

The Old Master was quite advanced in age, but his presence silenced the room immediately.

He walked up to Fane, checking him out carefully. For some reason, he felt that this young man had undergone a complete transformation. Just him standing there gave off an aura that should not be trifled with.

Was he still the same young man that begged him for one million bucks to treat his mother’s disease from five years ago?

He thought for a moment, then finally spoke up, “Tell me, how much money should I pay you to leave Selena alone and stop bugging her?”

The Old Master knew full well of Selena’s obsession with the child. Selena’s refusal for a divorce was definitely because of the child.

However, he could do it by approaching Fane.

Hearing that, Selena frowned and looked at Fane worryingly.

After all, with the power of money, it was hard to say. Moreover, despite them being officially married, there were hardly any feelings between them.

Fane was silent. ‘Money? Hehe, would I care for those things now?’

Furthermore, five years ago, if not for saving his mother, he would never beg someone for merely one million bucks.

“Old Master, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Selena is my woman. For me and my child, she had suffered through five years of hardship. It’s impossible for me to leave them!” Fane replied firmly with a smile.

Hearing those words, Selena’s heart was filled with warmth. The past five years of waiting was not in vain.

The Old Master quickly took out a check and signed his name, then passed it to Fane. “Our Taylor family does not like you as our live-in son-in-law. Back then, you’ve promised to fake the marriage with Selena to take Ivan’s place on the battlefield. I’m not killing you this time because of your relationship with Selena and Kylie. However, you must leave!”

“Write whatever number you wish! You can cash it in at any bank in Middle Province. Furthermore, I can let the matter of you beating up Ivan slide!”

It could be said that from the Old Master’s perspective, he had already made a huge compromise.

Upon hearing that, Ivan was furious. He quickly stepped forward and stated, “Grandpa, we can just kill him. He’s broken my arm…”

“Shut up!”

Who would have thought that Old Master Taylor would turn around to stare at him? “Ivan Taylor, do you think I don’t know what you’ve done in secret? You only know that my health is in decline and rarely leave the house, isn’t it? I, Zeus Taylor, might be old, but I’m not blind. Ever since you’ve been the director, our company’s performance has been in decline for the past few years. I’m just too tired to berate you!”

Old Master Taylor then added, “I can’t be bothered with you picking on Selena as I was also angry with her giving birth to a child with him. However, Kylie is Selena’s daughter. She’s only four years old. How dare you feed her with buns that you stomped on. I can’t bear to imagine such an incident!”

“Dad, regardless, Fane can’t beat Ivan up just because of that, right? Furthermore, these are just empty accusations from Fane. Who knows if he might be lying!?”

Theodore Taylor, master of the Taylor family and Ivan’s father, interjected as he stepped forward.

“Is that so? Would you dare to let me investigate the matter to see if it really happened?”

Old Master Taylor’s words shut Theodore up. He then added, “You play a big part in Ivan’s current behavior of mixing around with those questionable women. He’s under your care. We’re just a third-class aristocratic family. It took us a lot of effort to get us here. Aren’t you afraid that our Taylor family might one day be ruined in the hands of your son?”

“Grandpa, how is that possible. I go out for drinks to entertain my clients. It’s for my job!”

Ivan laughed awkwardly, then added, “Furthermore, our company’s performance is quite good for the past two months. You need to believe in me. This year, we’ll be making a huge profit and cover for our losses in the past.”

Hearing that, Fane’s heart felt a lot better.

It would seem that the Old Master kicked Selena out mainly due to his annoyance of Selena marrying a nameless person like him.

However, five years have passed. His anger should mostly subside. Furthermore, he was probably keeping tabs on Selena and Kylie’s situation. All in all, Old Master Taylor still cared for his granddaughter.

“Here, sign it. As for the number, just write whatever you wish! With that, we’ll call it even!”
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