Chapter 14

Old Master Taylor was having mixed feelings. Fane’s guess was almost spot on.

The Old Master was a person that cared greatly about his reputation. Back then, he had Fane marry into the Taylor family to prevent Ivan from being enlisted. That itself was already something that affected the Taylor family’s reputation.

He never expected an even greater shame to come later on. Fane was only married to Selena for a day when he got enlisted the very next day. However, Selena became pregnant soon after.

He was aware that Selena had gotten drunk that night. He even suspected that it could have been Fane that forced himself on Selena.

Never did he expect Selena to claim that it was voluntary. That matter almost gave him a heart attack.

That was why, in a fit of rage, he kicked Selena, her parents, and her 14 years old brother out of the Taylor Residence.

As for Selena’s inability to be employed and the restrictions placed on her, that was the work of Ivan.

“Are you sure I can write any amount?”

Fane was surprised for a moment and then asked while snickering.

“Of course! Just fill it!”

Seeing how Fane was really moved by money, Old Master Taylor’s heart rejoiced. Selena’s beauty was above others. Furthermore, she was talented in business matters. As long as she divorced Fane, she would have no problem looking for a wealthy partner.

In fact, he heard that Young Master Clark was trying to court Selena.

“Of course, the Old Master will keep his words. Fill it in quickly!” said Fiona.

Fiona was extremely excited upon hearing their exchange. She quickly approached the dumbfounded Selena. “Daughter, look. I’ve told you that he will let you down. You wanted to keep the child for him and wait for five years. You suffered five years of hardship, yet he still ended up choosing money? This is a materialistic world!”

Selena stood there in a daze. She felt lost. All those years spent waiting, all those suffering, in the end…

“Fane, you… Are you stupid? Where else can you find such a wonderful wife? Are you really giving up your wife and daughter for money? Selena suffered five years of hardship. All those scorn and ridicule she had to endure! She even had to collect trash and gave up looking for a job!”

Joan stepped forward and looked at Fane, her eyes filled with disappointment. “We can’t be heartless!”

“Ma, let him be!”

Selena’s eyes were filled with despair, complete despair. The five difficult years she endured came to such a conclusion.

“You see? Selena, all men are hopeless. I’ve told you to abort the child, yet you didn’t listen!”

Cecilia then added out of the blue, “Sigh, although I can’t find a boyfriend, it’s still better than you finding an undependable one!”

Selena’s eyes were tearing up. She looked at Fane, feeling hopeless. “Have you decided?”

Fane smiled. “I’ve decided!”

Having said that, he started scribbling on the check.

He then quickly passed the check back. “I’m done. You told me to fill it up!”

“Hehe, of course, I’ll keep my word!”

Seeing Fane choosing money, Zeus’ gaze showed a hint of disappointment.

At first, he had come to respect Fane a little bit more. He was thinking if Fane were to show some capabilities and treat his granddaughter well, that would also be acceptable.

Unfortunately, this person failed.

However, he froze up after he looked at the check.

On the check, it was written with a string of numbers, “999999999999999999…”

At the end of the string of numbers, it was followed by ellipsis!

“Brat, are you trolling me?”

Zeus’ expression darkened, turning extremely scary.

Even Theodore, master of the Taylor family, went forward to have a look at the check, exclaiming, “Brat, what’s the meaning of this? You think this is a joke?”

“What’s the matter?”

Cecilia was similarly surprised. She hurried over to take a look. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...why is it ending with an ellipsis? How much money is this?”

“Haha, Old Master Taylor, you told me to write as I like. Can you afford the figure I filled in?”

At that moment, Fane burst out laughing.

He approached Selena and held onto her hand, stating in a serious tone, “My wife waited five full years for me, a mere delivery boy. She suffered all those hardships, yet you’re trying to measure it with money? She’s priceless, hence you can’t afford the price I’m asking for!”

“You rascal…”

Selena was trapped in between anger and amusement. However, her heart was filled with happiness.

Just a second ago, she thought Fane was about to take the money and divorce her, leaving her and her daughter behind.

It turns out that he had written countless nines on that check and even added ellipsis in the end.

“Let me see, let me see!”

Joan was originally quite angry. Hearing the conversation, she immediately reached for the check. After taking a look, she excitedly passed it to Selena. “Selena, look! This is your status in my son’s heart. You’re priceless!”

“Mom, I know!”

Selena blushed. The few years of waiting turned out to be worth it. This man did not let her down.

“How dare you toy with our Taylor family. Fane, you’re courting death. Guards, cripple him, and throw him out of here!” Theodore stepped forward and bellowed in rage.

“Is this a fight? I’m sorry, but I’m very good at that now!” Fane replied after hearing that.

He then stated with a smile on his face, “In the past five years, I’m not sure how many mountains will form from the enemies that I’ve killed. There were many experts within their ranks, yet they all died in my hands. There were a few times I almost died, but I managed to survive because I know that someone is waiting for me back home. I can’t die!”

When Fane made his statement, he gave off a strong aura. As he stood there, he seemed like a king. “Today, I’ll let those who dare to act against me know what it's like to make a grave mistake!”

“What did I tell you before coming over?”

Surprisingly, Selena’s face turned dark as she reprimanded Fane in a menacing voice.

She felt that ever since Fane had been a soldier, he had grown more capable. However, he was just too boastful.

Moreover, they were in the Taylor family. He was just a live-in son-in-law. How could he take action against her own family members?

Fane finally remembered his promise with Selena and immediately changed to an awkward laugh. “Cough cough, I’m just joking!”

However, the bodyguards outside the door had already rushed in.

“Get out!”

Just as the bodyguards were about to act, Old Master Taylor gave a stern order.

The bodyguards exchanged glances, then quickly went out.

“Dad, this brat is toying with us. Can’t you see that?”

Theodore was extremely frustrated. However, they could not disobey the Old Master’s orders.

Although he was the master of this household and his son was the director of Taylor Group, the Old Master was the one truly in charge. All important matters of the Taylor family had to go through him.

“He’s not toying with us. I did tell him to fill as he wished. It’s just that we can’t afford that price!”

Old Master Taylor laughed bitterly, then spoke, “Fane, this has gone on for five years. My granddaughter had also suffered many hardships. Since you’re both truly in love and Kylie has grown, I’m fine with not forcing you through a divorce!”

Having said that, Old Master Taylor’s tone took a sudden change. “However…”
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