Chapter 15

“This can’t be. Grandpa is acknowledging Fane’s identity as the son-in-law of the Taylor family?”

Upon hearing the Old Master’s words, some of the Taylor family members had a shocked expression on their faces.

‘Grandpa used to pamper Selena. It’d seem that Grandpa’s anger had subsided after all these years. Within Selena’s body still flows the blood of our Taylor family, after all.’ A member of the Taylor family speculated quietly in his mind.


Selena pursed her red lips and felt her tears surfacing. She knew her grandfather had been keeping tabs on her in secret. The old man was only unable to lower himself all this while.

For Zeus Taylor, his reputation was more important than anything else.

“However?” Fane scowled. He knew that it would not be that simple.

“However, the matter of you injuring Ivan’s arm can’t be settled just like that!”

The old man’s tone changed once more as he continued, “You need to pay compensation!”

“That’s right. Grandpa’s right. My arm is fractured. The doctor said that my arm will take at least one to two months to recover, and that’s with the best medicine!”

Due to the Old Master’s lecture earlier, Ivan had been standing in silence all the while.

Now that his grandfather was speaking up for him, he immediately rejoiced.

“How about this: I’ll give you one month’s time, Fane. One month later is coincidentally my seventieth birthday. If you can come up with ten million bucks in a month, I’ll acknowledge that you’re the Taylor family’s son-in-law!”

“However, if you fail to produce the money, then you’ll have to divorce Selena as that would prove that you lack the ability, unworthy of being with Selena!”

“Furthermore, Ivan’s hand is rendered in such a state because of you. You need to compensate him with ten million bucks! How’s that?”

The Old Master stared at Fane and declared authoritatively.

“Grandpa, aren’t you intentionally making it difficult for him? He was just a delivery boy. Now that he’s a soldier for five years and returned from the battlefield, how can he cough up that amount of money in one month!?”

Selena was worried when she heard the proposition. What difference was that from chasing Fane away? It was just a different method.

“Old Master, can you lower the amount? That’s too much. He can’t even produce one million bucks, much less ten million bucks!”

Joan’s expression was ugly. She did not wish to miss her chance on such a wonderful daughter-in-law.

“No reduction. If he can’t even produce ten million bucks, how can he be worthy of my daughter?”

It was Fiona who interjected strongly. She then pushed on, “Hmph! If he can earn ten million, that can be the betrothal gift for my daughter. When the time comes, that money must be passed to me, or I’ll never recognize him as our son-in-law!”

“That won’t work.”

Ivan spoke up, “If he can produce ten million bucks, I should be getting it as compensation. I can’t just get hit for nothing, can I?”

“No way. Your treatment won’t total up to ten million!”

There was no way Fiona would let this go. She had suffered in poverty for so many years. If she had ten million bucks, she could live her life comfortably.

“Hehe, the ten million that Grandpa mentioned was for compensation, not a betrothal gift. Can’t you understand?”

Ivan laughed happily. His words managed to stump Fiona.

“In one month, right?”

Fane contemplated, then stated, “How about this. One month from now, on Grandpa’s seventieth birthday, I’ll pay Ivan ten million bucks for compensation, send another ten million to Mother-in-law as a betrothal gift, and on top of that, send ten million worth of birthday gifts to Grandpa! A grand total of thirty million bucks. If I can’t achieve that, I’ll be willing to divorce Selena!”

“Are you crazy? That much money in one month? You won’t have enough even if you sold yourself!”

Joan was scared witless. She guessed that Fane must have been pushed over the limit and started talking nonsense.

“You can’t be serious, right? Didn’t I tell you not to boast?! Thirty million bucks! It’s not three thousand bucks!”

Selena was also reprimanding him anxiously.

“Don’t worry, honey, I really should prove to the Taylors that I’m worthy of marrying you!”

Fane moved his hand and caressed Selena’s beautiful cheeks. “I won’t let anything separate me from you and our daughter!”

Selena’s heart was touched. At that moment, she felt confident that Fane was not lying to her.

“Alright, I’ll believe you!”

In the end, Selena nodded.

“Of course. Fane, if you managed to do so, the Taylor family will not only acknowledge your identity! We can also have your in-laws, Selena, and your entire family—including your mother—to move into Taylor Residence!”

The old man contemplated for a moment, then said, “By then, Selena can also resume her work in Taylor Group!”

“Alright. You have a deal!” Fane agreed immediately.

“Brat, you’re really good at boasting. I’d like to see how embarrassing it’ll be for you should you fail to produce the money by then!”

Ivan took two steps forward and glared at Fane.

Fane took out a stick of cigarette and casually lit it. He took a deep breath. “And what if I managed to do it? If I fail, I’ll roll my way out of the gates of Taylor Residence. Should I succeed, however, you’ll have to kneel and apologize to Selena. How does that sound? After all, in the past five years, you’ve done quite the harm!”

“Haha, sure. Listen up, everyone. This is a promise between me and this brat!”

“Since he wants to embarrass himself, then I can only oblige. When the time comes, we’ll all bear witness to how he rolls from this gate all the way out. Remember, you’re not walking out, but roll!”

Ivan laughed out loud. ‘It’s already a miracle for this trash to come back alive. Producing thirty million bucks in a month? Dream on!’

“Brother Ivan, don’t worry, we’re not deaf. We heard it clearly. We’ll be your witnesses!”

Cecilia crossed her hands over her chest and gave Fane a condescending look. “It’s been five years. After finally coming back and managed to buy some clothes for your mother and wife, you chose to get some imitation items. Your clothings scream of poverty. I refuse to believe that you can produce thirty million bucks!”

“Haha, you’re right!”

“I think he knows that he’s unworthy of Selena and decided to go all out with his bluff. When the time comes, he can only shamefully roll out of Taylor Residence!”

“Look at him. If he can earn thirty million bucks in one month, then can’t I easily set a hundred million as a small goal?”

Quite a number of the Taylor family members started laughing.

There were quite a lot of people present. They were mostly working in the Taylor Group, under the employ of Ivan Taylor. They naturally intended to curry favor for him.

“Fane, you’ve said it yourself. I’m waiting for your ten million as a betrothal gift. When the time comes, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Fiona reminded him after contemplating it.

“Haha, Fiona, have you gone crazy thinking of money? Do you really think that he can come up with that amount for his betrothal gift?”

Ivan smiled.

“Just ten million bucks as a betrothal gift will allow me to marry Selena? I’ll pay ten million bucks. Let her marry me! If that’s insufficient, I’m fine with fifty million bucks! What to do when I’m not lacking money?”

Right at that moment, a man of stout physique walked in as he laughed loudly, followed by a group of bodyguards.
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