Chapter 16

“Young Master Wilson, what are you doing here?”

Ivan greeted the Wilson family’s young master the moment he noticed him.

“What did you say earlier, Young Master Wilson? Fifty million? You’re willing to offer a fifty million bucks lottery reward?”

Overwhelmed with emotions, Fiona’s eyes lit up. “Is your word good?” she sputtered.

One should know that the Wilsons and the Clarks were both second-class aristocratic families. Simply put, they were significantly wealthier than their Taylor family.

“Of course, Auntie. Do we look like people who’d go back on their word? I’m still a member of the Wilson family, my word is still good!”

Young Master Wilson chuckled as he spoke, yet he was simultaneously admiring the seemingly perfect appearance of Selena. He could not hold himself back as he gulped.

Young Master Wilson was extremely fat; so much so that he resembled a pig. Not only was he extremely gluttonous, but he was very interested in women as well.

He was instantly charmed back when he first laid eyes on Selena and her ethereal beauty. When he learned of her marriage to a takeout delivery guy in addition to being pregnant at a later time, he was all too furious.

Even so, Selena’s beauty did not fade even after she gave birth; she looked even more beautiful and mature. Her body was practically glowing with femininity. He would do everything to keep her all to himself.

Moreover, Selena was known as the most beautiful maiden in the Middle Province. Marrying her would be an incredible and proud feat in front of other men.

“Splendid. I’ll hold you to your word!”

Fiona clapped her hands—chuckling altogether—as she approached Selena. “Did you hear that, Selena?” she spoke. “That person, Fane, mentioned ten million. This Young Master Wilson fellow instead offered to pay fifty million bucks, and he had always been interested in you. He’s not too bad himself, the way I see it. You should give it some thought. All you need to do is nod and we’ll make that brat, Fane, leave immediately!”

The instant Selena heard that statement, she nearly passed out from agitation. She could barely hold her composure just by looking at Young Master Wilson’s appearance. Although that Young Master Clark fellow was not a pleasant man, he was handsome at least. That man from the Wilson family looked fat and his ears were too huge. She felt greasy just by staring at him.

She then argued, “Ma, are you marrying off your daughter or selling her? So, you’ll just hand off your daughter to whoever is offering the highest price? Why don’t you just auction me off then?”

Selena furiously added, “Even Grandpa agreed to let me marry Fane, and the agreement was even set earlier. How can you simply act on your own and change it as you like?”

“Selena, that’s not what I meant. That Fane fellow is a takeout delivery boy, and he’s only been a soldier for a few years now. You don’t expect him to amount to anything, do you now?”

As she finished, Fiona pointed her disdainful glare at Fane before she continued, “I wasn’t looking down on him. I wonder: can he make thirty million bucks in a month? Hehe! Just you wait. He won’t be able to make that much money after a month. Till then, I’ll have him exiled from our family!”

“Fane Woods? Good lord, this person is Fane Woods? Kylie’s useless father has returned?”

Stunned Young Master Wilson carefully scrutinized Fane. “Hehe. It seems like his appearance is the only thing that’s going for him,” he spoke. “He’s dressed so plainly. How is he worthy of Miss Selena?”

“You sure spout a lot of nonsense!”

Fane glared at him icily. He condescendingly spoke, “This is the Taylor family home. What are you, an outsider, doing here? If you have no purpose here, then beat it!”

“Haha! Such strong words. Don’t you know just how major of a family us Wilsons are?”

Young Master Wilson cackled out loud then added, “Am I really here without a purpose? I’m here to discuss the matters of our collaboration with Young Master Taylor. We happen to have something that we’d like to work together with the Taylors!”

The moment Old Master Taylor heard that statement, he was naturally pleased as he said, “Haha. All that come by are guests. Let’s sit here, Young Master Wilson!”

“There’s no need, Old Master Taylor. I’ll be talking to Young Master Wilson!”

Young Master Wilson then looked at Ivan before he spoke with a very peculiar expression, “Young Master Ivan, what’s wrong with your hand? Did you fight with someone? Who dares fight with you?”

Ivan’s expression grew incredibly bitter as he eyeballed Fane. Hoarsely, he replied, “A mad man, nothing else. I was merely joking with his daughter Kylie, and he came over to beat me up without saying a word.”

Micheal was stunned after hearing that statement. He spoke after looking at Fane, “Oh, so it was that useless object, then. Truly unexpected that he was bold enough to hit you. He’s got guts, I’ll give him that!”

“Haha, it’s fine. We had a bet. He said that after a month on my grandfather’s seventieth birthday, he’ll give me ten million bucks as reimbursement! In addition to offering Selena’s family a ten million bucks reward, he’ll also give my grandfather a gift worth ten million bucks!”

“Should he fail, he’ll exile himself out of the Taylor family and divorce Selena! He’ll roll out the front door from this spot!”

Ivan cackled out loud and said, “That’s right, Young Master Wilson. You have to come by during our grandfather’s seventieth birthday. You have to see how this little brat will roll out of the front door!”

“Haha! Alright. The distance from here to the front door is quite far. I’m guessing he won’t be able to roll out of it in a short while!”

Young Master Wilson cackled and took a look at Selena. He then said, “Don’t you worry, Selena. All I have is time, and I’m willing to wait for you. You’ll have your freedom once again after this little brat is exiled from the Taylor family after a month, and that means you’ll be single. When the day comes, don’t turn me away!”

“Alright, let’s go, Young Master Wilson. We still have important matters to discuss!”

Ivan had a smug look on his face. He was beaten rather badly by Fane today, but if he could get this brat exiled from the family, it would be the best thing that could ever happen!

He believed that Fane was nothing but a ruffian. He was merely saying that to preserve his pride. He was actually interested to see how much this brat would humiliate himself when the time arrived.

Ivan soon left with Young Master Wilson!

“Alright, you guys can leave as well. Don’t disappoint me in a month from now!”

Old Master Taylor realized it was getting late outside as he waved his hand impatiently.

Although Fane’s behavior was a little out of his expectations, the thought of his granddaughter getting married to a poor man—which humiliated him—dissatisfied him so.

At this very moment, in an extremely lavish mansion, the wealthiest man in all of the Middle Province, James Loner was looking at a middle-aged man. After some thought, he said, “The little brat who returned with the God of War, Lana is called Fane Woods. I’m guessing that their relationship isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface. Look into it for me! I want an answer as soon as possible!”

The man in front of him was James’ most efficient assistant. He had served the Loner family incredibly well.

After he listened to that statement, he frowned and said, “Master, I think there’s no need for that. Even if that little brat has some ties to the God of War, Lana, he doesn’t possess any useful value to us, right?”

As he said that, he smiled and said, “Why don’t we strike at the very root of our problem, to butter up the great God of War. That’s the most important thing to us!”
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