Chapter 18

Selena initially thought her mother would help her carry the clothes in her hands when she snatched and tossed them into the lake.

It was already too late by the time she came to her senses. Those three sets of clothes that cost nearly two hundred thousand had been audaciously tossed into the lake beside her.

“What on Earth are you doing, Ma? Those were authentic! Who told you they were fake?”

Selena was so agitated that she stomped. Alarmed, she rushed over as her eyes grew red and she seemed like she was about to cry. It was the first time Fane had gotten her clothes. After all the hardships she had endured for the five years they were married, she finally had a taste of luxury. This meant her endurance for the past five years was not for nothing!

“Authentic? How are those even genuine? And if they truly were, can he even afford them?”

The skeptical Fiona crossed her arms at her chest. She was unconvinced that Fane had that much money to have bought international branded clothes for her daughter.

“Dear mother-in-law, those were truly genuine. We bought them at their specific branded store. They can’t possibly be fake now, right?”

Joan, who stood at the side, finally burst, “How could you toss clothes that cost nearly two hundred thousand into the lake?!”

“No, I must retrieve them!”

The already frantic Selena was prepared to dive into the lake and retrieve the clothes.

Fortunately, the lake was clear; she could start wearing the clothes after a good wash once she retrieved them.

Fane watched Selena’s every move and felt his heart wrench.

Selena was only twenty. She even contributed greatly to her family’s company at a young age— five years ago—being the lady from the Taylor family.

Selena, back then, was adorned with branded clothes and had enjoyed being treated as a reputable lady.

Yet, here she was, in an attempt to dive into the lake merely to retrieve those few pieces of clothing.

Fane took two steps forward and immediately grabbed onto Selena. “Forget about them, my dear,” he called out, “they’re only three pieces of clothing anyway. I’ll bring you out and buy you another one!”

Selena was unmoved. “No,” she protested. “These clothes are so expensive, and the money you earned has risked your life. Not to mention, this is the first time you bought me clothes. I have to fish them up, and they can still be worn, too!”

Fane chuckled as he heard that statement. He felt utterly touched; he thought that having a wife like her would make him a happy man for the rest of his life.

As he released her hand, Fane dove into the lake and picked up the clothes. He was drenched head to toe, but the words Selena spoke to him warmed his heart.

“No way. They’re actually authentic?”

As the shocked Fiona saw the event unfolding before her, she looked toward Joan and sputtered, “Where’d your son get the money from?”

Joan let out a bitter laugh before she responded, “It’s all thanks to the five years my son has served as a soldier. When he was discharged this time and upon his return, he was given some prize money from being discharged. He used that money to buy us clothes, didn’t he? Although the money he earned had placed him at great risk, he willingly spent it all for Selena!”


Fiona was completely speechless. She did not expect those clothes were genuine international branded clothes.

“You’re hopeless. It doesn’t matter if it’s authentic or not; you can’t just toss it into the lake! It came from Fane’s thoughtfulness!”

Even the usually silent Andrew could not help but glare at Fiona.

Fane was already out of the lake at this moment. He looked at Andrew before saying, “Let’s head back now, father-in-law. Your leg was smashed by accident. Don’t you worry, though, I can help you heal!”

“That’s impossible, right?”

Andrew’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that statement. He frowned after that and said, “When we went to get it checked in a well-known hospital, the doctor mentioned that it’ll still limp even after it’s treated. This is a nerve problem, and the bones underneath are all progressively necrotic. Even as I’m walking now, I feel numb!”

“What nonsense are you spouting? You, a useless piece of trash, know medical treatment? I’ll never believe you!”

Fiona, on the other hand, rolled her eyes at Fane and barked, “Fane, don’t you dare think that we’d accept you just by giving the prize money this time and buying a few clothes for my daughter. I’m telling you now: it’s not happening!”

Fiona then fell into a momentary silence before she continued her tirade, “We’ve endured so much hardship all these years. How is this small amount of money enough for us? Besides, based on reason, you’re required to give the ten million prize money to us during the old man’s seventieth birthday. Otherwise, don’t even think for a second that we’ll acknowledge you!”

“What on Earth are you saying, Mom?! He’s still Kylie’s father, and the child can’t live without a father. Besides, he’s a responsible man!”

Selena stared at Fiona furiously. “It doesn’t matter if you guys acknowledge him or not,” she added, “as in my heart, he’s my—Selena Taylor’s—man. Even if you have him exiled from the Taylor family, I’ll never marry Young Master Clark or Young Master Wilson. From how I see it, those people aren’t even a fraction of a man Fane is.”


Fiona was livid. She pointed at Selena and said, “How did I give birth to a daughter like you? You’re being disrespectful now, do you understand? Are you here to pressure your mother to death? Are you only satisfied when I’m dead after being backed into a corner?”

“I—that’s not what I meant! You can’t always force me, you know?”

Selena could only hold back her frustrations when she noticed her mother lamenting on the side.

“Fine. Stop talking about it, Ma. This whole ordeal is my fault, I admit it!”

“I—Fane Woods—am a man, and I’ll never go back on any word I’ve said. I’ll give you ten million when the time comes, and I’ll never let Selena be parted from me!”

Fane then let out a dry laugh and said, “Alright, it’s getting late now. Let’s all go back to take a shower, change into fresh clothes, and we’ll all eat out tonight.”

Fiona’s eyes lit up at the mere mention of eating out. They had lived meagerly for the last five years and Selena was restricted to find work. She could only rely on the money she made from picking up trash for her family’s living.

Aside from Selena, all the expenses they had were paid with Andrew’s earnings. His monthly pay was not much, but he forked everything out every month to allow Selena to buy groceries. They lived as they saved.

Hence, Fiona actually felt quite happy when she heard that.

Just like before, however, her expression turned cold as she scoffed, “Are you sure about eating out? I’m telling you now, I won’t accept places that are considered low-class. If you want me to come along, it should only be a lavishly high-class restaurant!”

“Of course. As long you’re willing, Mom. Anywhere you pick is fine!”

Fane chuckled then hailed two cabs. “Let’s go,” he spoke. “We’ll head back first since Kylie and Jenny are both waiting for us. I think the little rascal should be famished by now. Have Jenny be at our home next time. She can help us take care of Kylie and clean up the house.”

Fiona rolled her eyes at Fane. She said, “Don’t call me Mom. If I don’t see the ten million prize money, I’ll never acknowledge you as our family’s son in law. Hmph!”

Selena, on the other hand, was frowning. “Jenny is quite good, but the wages our Taylor family offers aren’t too low either,” she mumbled. “It’d cost six to seven thousand bucks per month. We can’t afford that!”

“Don’t you worry, I’ll take care of the money. It’s almost the start of the school’s semester, too, so we should enroll Kylie to a school soon!”

Fane chuckled as he made that statement.


Selena nodded.

It did not take too long for them to reach home with their cabs.

At this very moment, one of the three guardians in the Loner family—Spectre Face—rushed frantically to look for James after receiving a phone call.
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