Chapter 19

“Master, Master! I’ve made several phone calls, and I finally found something about the whole situation with Fane. It’s very peculiar!”

Spectre Face called out to James as he rushed in frantically.


James was somewhat startled when he heard what Spectre Face had to say. He never thought he would describe Fane as ‘peculiar’.

“Have a look. This is the information I got from people I tasked in the military to look into Fane.”

“There’s only his name, his ID number, and his past job as a takeout delivery boy. After that, he became the son-in-law of the Taylor family. He got enlisted on the second day of his marriage, and what happens after that is something we can’t find. Suddenly, five years later, he returned to the Middle Province!”

Spectre Face frowned and said, “Isn’t such a casefile peculiar? Not only was information during his enlistment a mystery, but the department he was enlisted in was unknown as well. All we could find was that his mother’s name is Joan Xavier, currently working as a cleaner in the Middle Province. We have nothing on his father!”

“Can’t find anything about his father, and his situation during his enlistment is also a complete mystery…”

There was a frown on his face, but James soon came to a deduction. “Judging from the looks of it, there’s a huge possibility that someone had intentionally erased all records about him!” he articulated. “Or perhaps, this is just his surface-level casefile and that his identity isn’t that simple. There might be a very confidential and secretive casefile on him!”

“Master, if that’s the case, this brat’s identity is certainly not that simple. Otherwise, the government wouldn’t blatantly hide his casefile and stop anyone from digging into him!”

The astounded Spectre Face remarked, “To have power for movement of this scale... If he wasn’t a God of War, he’d be close to one!”

“Yes, yes, yes! It has to be that!”

Stirred, James nodded immediately and ordered, “Go, continue your search on Fane’s current situation in the Middle Province. Isn’t he living with the Taylor family? Look into how Fane is doing while he lives in the Taylor family home, and look into what he’s doing right now!”

“Not a problem, Master. I, too, feel that this little brat isn’t as plain as we think!”

Spectre Face nodded immediately as he said, “It seems that there’s not just one God of War that has returned to the Middle Province this time. There are two!”

“Haha. This is such a good opportunity for us, the Drake family!”

James chuckled humorously. Racking his brain for a moment, he then spoke, “Look into where he currently is right now. I can’t get in contact with him right now. Besides, he’s seen me during the day, and he might suspect that we’re investigating him if he sees me again at night. Still, we can arrange for Titus or Tanner to get in contact with him!”

Spectre Face tittered.

“Excellent idea. I’ll have it arranged right now! As for his situation in the Taylor family’s home, we can slowly investigate and probe progressively. I believe we can find out his current whereabouts in less than an hour!”

It was only after Fane returned to his home did he recall something. Frowning, he asked, “My dear, where will I be sleeping tonight?”

Selena blushed after hearing that. That would actually be a problem.

Both of them were married; they still had a daughter.

It was during their wedding night, when Selena was drunk, that they did the deed.

Selena remained silent for a really long while as she had no idea how to answer him.

Upon noticing the distraught look on Selena’s face, Fane mirthfully spoke, “Don’t worry, I’ll sleep in any empty rooms!”

Selena frowned and said, “There are only so many rooms in total. Your mom has one, and so does my mom. Although it’s rare for my brother to return, he has one as well. Kylie and I are sharing a room. Four rooms and not a single one remains. Fortunately, Jenny is renting a house outside. Otherwise, she herself won’t have room to sleep in!”

Fane was embarrassed as he replied with a bitter laugh, “The storeroom is also fine. As long as it provides cover from wind and rain. When we were on a mission out there back then, we survived for a month’s time on a deserted island.”

“Deserted island!”

After Selena heard that, she frowned and said, “It had to be hard for you, right?”

“No. I’d always be thinking that I have such a beautiful wife waiting at home for me should we be victorious. With that thought in mind, I’d be motivated!”

Fane looked at Selena who was right in front of him; the hellish torture he endured for five years was worth every second.

Five years of absolute hell had honed him into a sharp blade. This sharp blade, however, had to hide its edges to protect his woman and family.

Selena felt utterly gratified after she heard what Fane had to say. She was a rebel against her family from the very beginning, but she soon realized she was unable to part with the child inside her belly.

Now, Fane made her feel that she could depend on him.

“You… I think you should just share a room with us!”

Selena finally pouted her lips as her blush seared.

Fane coughed. “Well then, dear wife, can I cuddle with you while I sleep?”

Fane became giddy as the woman before him was absolutely gentle and kind. Selena's watery eyes could charm anyone.

“No. Allowing you to share a room with me is pretty good on its own. The child was an accident back then and, besides, I can’t fully accept you now. Not yet!”

Selena turned around then said, “You can only sleep on the floor with a carpet. Wait...wait till our relationship grows much deeper in the future, and I’ll think about then! Hurry up and take a shower. Kylie’s delighted when she heard that we’ll have a feast tonight.”

“Alright, I’ll get to it right now!”

Unexpectedly, just as Fane had just gone to take a shower, Fiona came over to Selena’s room. She then coldly asked, “There aren’t any extra rooms, so where will Fane be sleeping tonight?”

“On the floor. Am I not placing the carpet down now?”

Selena let out a bitter laugh as she took the covers out.

Upon noticing that, Fiona’s expression recovered slightly. She then said, “Daughter, you can’t ever allow that b*stard child to touch you now, do you understand? If it wasn’t for him, we won’t be living in such a hellish state. Besides, as long as I’ve not seen the promised ten million, you can’t sell yourself short. Do you understand? Men will never appreciate anything they can easily get!”

“You’re being too judgemental now, don’t you think, Ma? From how I see it, as long as Fane treats us well and if we work hard together, everything would be better!”

Selena pondered for a moment then added, “Besides, he’s not too bad. He treats me well, he treats Kylie well, and he’s also very respectful toward his mother!”

“What’s good without money? Can he treat you well, feed our family with good food, dress better, and live better? Only by giving us money to spend is treating you well, not by saying a couple of kind statements!”

After Fiona finished her harangue, she got out immediately after slamming the door. “I don’t care,” she sneered. “Since he mentioned that he’ll be treating us to dinner tonight, I want to make it extremely difficult for him! I want him to know, he can’t afford to treat us!”
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