Chapter 20

“Yay, yay! We can go for a meal now!”

Kylie was dressed in a beautiful mini princess dress while she pranced delightfully in the courtyard.

“Madam, I won’t be joining you guys. I still have some matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave now.”

Jenny smiled at Selena.

“A date with your boyfriend again? Oh, you. Hurry up and go!” Selena spoke with a compassionate smile.

Joan had already finished her shower at that moment. She changed into the new clothes Fane had bought for her; she looked younger at a short glance. Although she was already in her forties, she looked younger and more elegant.

Joan looked effortlessly beautiful, and she had her natural elegance as well. Although she was usually dressed in her cleaner’s uniform to work, she still emanated a personal grace that only belonged to her and no one else.

It was also this reason that Fane's father fell in love with her back then.


“Ma, you look pretty in that dress!”

Selena smiled as she took a look at Joan.

“Oh, you. Stop flattering me; I’m already old!”

Joan chuckled while she spoke.

Fiona who was sitting on the side could not hold herself back from mumbling while she witnessed that scene. “Am I her birth mother, or is she?” she mumbled. “Goddamnit…”

Andrew, on the other hand, was smoking. He had a frown on his face as he seemed to be lost in thoughts.

After a moment, he nudged Fiona next to him with his elbow and said, “Say, Fane said he can heal my leg. Do you think it’s possible?”

Fiona immediately said, “You actually believe the nonsense he sputtered? Don’t you know anything about him? He’s only a soldier, so is he capable of healing your leg? I think it’s more likely that he’ll break your leg!”

Andrew was speechless.

Embarrassed, he found himself unable to argue.

Fiona then looked at the direction of the washroom and spoke impatiently.

“How is that brat taking such a long shower? I’m already famished!”

Andrew took a look at the time and said, “It’s only been five minutes, though. You were taking a shower for half an hour earlier…”

Although this courtyard seemed old and disheveled, it was in a strategic location.

After Fane was done with his shower, a few of them began to discuss where to eat while they strolled.

“Hmm, not this one. It’s too cheap. It’s not enough!”

“This one is even worse. A public buffet? Meaningless!”

As she strolled, Fiona intentionally looked at Fane with disdainful eyes while she goaded him, “Fane, you suggested treating us to a meal. I want to eat in a better restaurant. Have you brought enough money? Don’t bail on us after we’re done with our meal!”

“Don’t worry. Today’s my first time treating everyone to a meal, so we should all be happy. My dear mother-in-law, just pick as you please, and eat to your heart’s content!”

Fane then turned to Kylie, who was in Selena’s arms. He then reached out and said, “Kylie, let Daddy carry you for a bit!”

The flustered Kylie looked toward Selena with her pair of huge sharp eyes, seemingly asking for her approval.

“Kylie, he’s your father. Hurry and call out to your father. Let him carry you.”

Selena felt her emotions stirred. She lamented at the fact that a child could not be without a father. On the day her child was born, she started her long journey of waiting.

She was internally terrified. She was afraid of Fane dying on the battlefield.


Kylie reached out and called out to her father with her child-like voice.

As a Supreme Warrior, Fane’s heart wrenched the second he heard her innocent voice.

It was the first time she called him ‘daddy’.

In the five years of constant battle, he felt like he had slowly become downright merciless and cold-blooded. However, he never expected his heart would soften after just hearing his daughter calling him daddy in such a sweet way.

“Let’s eat here. This place seems alright!”

Just as Fane was carrying Kylie, Fiona noticed an impressive looking restaurant. Although it was not in some fancy hotel, the style of this restaurant looked impressive and rather classy.

The main point was that the restaurant must have a very expensive rent to have been built at that spot. In other words, the prices of the food must be expensive as well.

“Hmm… You’ve got good taste, dear mother-in-law. This place has a romantic feel to it, and the interior design isn’t bad. Music is also playing in the background. Truly, only people who know how to enjoy life would choose such a place!”

After Fane took a look at it, he nodded in agreement as well.

“Well, isn’t it obvious? Just look at who picked it!”

Fiona’s expression seemed slightly prideful before her eyes swiftly shifted, rolling at Fane. “Don’t even think for a second that praising me would make me forgive everything you’ve done, brat,” she sneered. “I’m telling you, that ten million shouldn't be short by…”

Upon noticing Fane and the group of people approaching, a beautiful waitress walked up to them and started catering to them.

“Please come inside, all of you! Our services here aren’t any less than the ones in those fancy hotels. Besides, our customers are rather reputable people…”

“Give me a table close to the windows!”

Fane nodded and the rest took their seats. The beautiful waitress came over with a menu.

“I’ll order!”

Fiona immediately snatched the menu. After taking a look, she pointed at the lobster and said, “This ain’t bad. One would cost more than a thousand, right? How many people do we have here? Let’s have one for each!”

“Ma, why are you ordering that much? It’s such a waste, don’t you think so?”

Selena was completely speechless. Judging from the looks of things, her mother was actually going to make it difficult for Fane.

“How could you say that, my daughter? He said it himself; he can make 30 million in a month. That would mean he’ll make 100,000 bucks in a day, right? For a person like that, could he not afford this meal?”

Fiona raised her voice intentionally.

In an instant, the few tables around them started looking their way.

“No way...he’s that capable? 100,000 a day? Is he boasting? 30 million a month. Does that mean he’d make 300 million in a year?”

A woman gasped audibly.

“That’s ludicrous. Truly can’t judge from his looks, though. That man seems to be dressed normally, doesn’t he?”

“Is this real? Why come here if he makes thirty million bucks a month? Why don’t they head to a five-star restaurant then?”

“Do you think it’s cheap here? It really isn’t. It’s easy to spend tens of thousands here.”

More people were starting to look at Fane. Some were envious, while some were merely interested to see who on earth this person was to have such power.

Fiona grinned when she noticed the attention. Would he be completely humiliated if he was unable to pay later? Until then, he would not have the pride left to marry her daughter!

“Must you be so loud when ordering food, Ma?”

Selena was speechless. It genuinely seemed like Fiona wished to humiliate Fane in public.

“Pardon me, I’m a loud talker!”

Fiona laughed as she immediately crossed her arms. “You wouldn’t mind now, would you, Fane? After all, you know our Selena is nicknamed the most beautiful maiden in the entire Middle Province!”

“Her status is priceless. If you can’t even afford a single meal, do you think you’re worthy of her?”

“If you can’t even fork out the money for this meal, I suggest you leave her sooner rather than later for her own good! Only Young Master Wilson and Young Master Clark can provide my daughter with happiness!”

She stared directly at Fane as she spoke, and she continued word by word, “And you'll only drag my daughter down. Drag our family down. I advise you: Don’t. Humiliate. Yourself.”

After Fane heard that statement, he chuckled coldly as he seemed unfazed. He said, “Dear mother-in-law, how can you speak so much in one meal? Don’t you worry; I’m the only one that can secure Selena’s happiness. I’ll still be able to pay everything, even if you ordered the entire menu tonight!”

“Haha! You speak heavy words. Well, don’t mind if I do!”

The corners of Fiona’s mouth twitched as she held in a full belly of disdain. She wanted him to know what ruthless meant tonight!
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