Chapter 21

In the restaurant, Fiona Lewis was so angry that her complexion turned red and her chest heaved.

She would not be mocked and looked down on in these past five years if it was not because of Fane Woods.

Fane Woods was the reason for everything. Everything happened because of this useless son-in-law.

Instantly, the atmosphere became very tense!

Fiona thought of Young Master Clark and Young Master Wilson, who were young masters of second-class aristocratic families and were richer than the Taylor family. When she thought about the 50 million that Young Master Wilson was willing to pay as a betrothal gift, all she wished was to immediately chase away this veteran brat in front of her.

She hated how this brat had taken advantage of her drunk daughter at the night of the wedding and would never forgive him.

With so many eyes on him, she wanted to see how Fane would conclude the matter.

It was rumored that veterans who came back from war would get a generous amount of bonus, but it w
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June Marie Valverde
I can't wait to read it until the end. It's intriguing my interests to unfold the mysteries behind the story. It's good to the point I want to read it all over and over again.

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