Chapter 23

”Great, Fane Woods. Weren’t you very proud and said that you can pay the bill? Weren’t you the one who asked me to order whatever I want? You’re finally admitting that you have no money, right?

“Since you don’t have any money, why do you need to boast more than your abilities in order to impress us? Selena, look at this. Is this person really worthy of you marrying?”

Fiona was extremely angry at that moment. She pulled Andrew Taylor and said, “Go go go, let’s leave. Leave him here and see how he would settle this matter. Serves him right even if he gets killed. Why act rich when he does not have money?”

“Fane, you have really let us down!”

Andrew was also extremely angry. “Just tell the truth if you don’t have money. We wouldn’t have been so embarrassed. You say that you have money when you don’t and want to treat us to a meal. How can we hand our daughter to such a person like you?”

“Fane, what’s going on? Is it true that you don’t have the money?”

Selena took a deep exhale, loo
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