Chapter 24

”Let me have a look, let me have a look…”

Andrew also took the menu and looked at it cautiously. His face darkened after he finished looking at it. “I only see four zeros just now. Why is it five zeros now?”

“Haha, do you guys have the blurred vision of an old person? It has always been five zeros, you guys must have seen wrongly!”

The fat manager said with a smile, “No matter what, you have to pay since you made the order!”

Fiona’s eyes gleamed and spoke again after thinking about it, “This is none of our business. It’s Fane Woods, he was the one treating us to dinner. The rest of us can leave, right? You can just go after him!”

After she finished speaking, she signaled Selena and the others to leave together. As for Fane? He asked for this.

This was more than four million and it was totally understandable that Fane could not afford to pay it. Even if it was not more than four million, it was possible that Fane did not even have the money to pay around 400 thousand.

“I’m sorry
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Bones Bones
Hope you and family have misfortune for this daylight robbery.. I talking to the writer of this novel and the app owner .. chock on dick and eat shit..

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