Chapter 2883

Rudy seemed to have gained slight interest in the situation and wanted to properly talk about it with Fane. "It's so relaxing not being targeted by anyone," he mused, "and we don't have to argue with idiots! No wonder you always give me that look like I'm a fool—I finally understand now.

"These ignorant people don't know what level you've reached. Things we talk about might sound normal to us, but they'll just think we're bragging. They would just try to push us down—"

"You're Fane?" interjected a new voice, inquisitive, before Rudy could finish.

Fane frowned as a flash of disgust crossed his face. At this point, he felt like he could rage if anyone, except for Rudy, called out to him.

Alas, he had to look up in acknowledgment.

The moment he looked up, he saw Edgar smiling right at him, much to Fane's surprise. After all, Edgar had just been intensely quarreling with Albert and looked like he wanted nothing more than to beat up Albert.

Fane had just been exchanging a few words w
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