Chapter 2889

All of them widened their eyes as they looked around. They were all on full alert, ready for anything to suddenly happen. After a few moments, that familiar voice was heard again. It was as deep and monotonous as usual…

"All members gathered, and the fifth level's test will begin. All of you entered an illusory world, you're not in the real world…"

Everyone froze at that. Even Fane looked up in disbelief. They were not in the actual world, but an illusion.

Fane never felt like he was in one from start to finish, because everything had felt so real. After absorbing so many memories of past heroes, Fane was very confident in his intuition.

After all, he had all that experience to fall back on. Fane would usually notice any hint of irregularity. Yet, Fane had felt like everything was normal after entering the place.

Everyone he saw and everything he heard seemed perfect. There had been no way for him to know that he had been trapped in an illusion at all. The ones around him were inc
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