Chapter 2890

Even if he was not eliminated, it was useless for Fane to keep guard of him anyway. After all, Rudy could not get the prize.

Fane nodded, if Fane really decided to ignore Rudy, then Rudy would definitely be eliminated. A few familiar roars were heard in the distance.

Green figures started to rapidly charge at them. A few hundred wind beasts were basically rushing at them with all their might.

Those wind beasts were flaring their teeth with eyes full of bloodlust, looking like they wanted to rip everyone apart.

"What do we do?! Break the array? Is this an array? Do they want us to break out of the illusion or the array? I have no idea what's happening, and the test has already started…"

"I haven't figured anything out either. There was so much free time at the start, and nothing was said. Why is the test so rushed? We didn't get any time to think about what array we were supposed to break at all. Could those wind beasts have all been formed by arrays?"

The warriors were all in con
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