Chapter 2891

There was only one thing he knew. It was impossible to break the array just by relying on constantly killing the wind beast.

"Fane, why are the wind beasts not attacking me?" Rudy said to Fane.

Fane had pushed Rudy behind him earlier, but as time passed, Rudy realized in surprise that those wind beasts did not seem to see him at all. All of the attacks fell on the warriors that relied on themselves to enter the fifth level.

He was completely ignored as a dependent. Even without Fane's protection, the wind beasts ignored him anyway, not attacking him. That actually gave Fane more room to relax, not needing to protect Rudy.

"Everyone, quickly figure something out! We can let this go on, or all of us will be eliminated!"

"I can't hold on any longer…" A man from the Deer Pavilion let out a cry of misery.

Right after he said that a wind beast bit him on the arm. The wind beast's bite was incredibly strong. With a pull, it ripped that man's arm off.

The disciple of the Deer Pavilion l
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Why is this book becoming so boring?

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