Chapter 2892

Earlier, Edgar had been fully focused on arguing with Albert, but he did not forget how disrespectful Fane had been. Even with how humble and friendly he had been acting, Fane still gave him the cold shoulder. It was deeply humiliating to Edgar.

Edgar immediately shouted back at Fane's words, "What are you blindly talking about? Everyone here couldn't figure anything out even after working together, but you claim to know everything!

"Even if you want to brag, you should do it at the right time. Don't think that we'll look at you just because you said something at this moment!" Edgar's words infuriated Rudy.

Rudy shouted back, "What do you mean by this?! If Fane said that, it means he's sure. You're just trying to be petty!"

Edgar let out a laugh and brushed it aside, "Don't judge others by your own standards. Petty? Do you think Fane is that righteous or noble?

"I want to see what he's figured out. Don't tell me he's figured out how to break the array, I won't believe it!"

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