Chapter 2893

"That has to be it. That guy bragged so much earlier, but actually can't back it up. So he's trying to kill himself to avoid embarrassment."

Those harsh words echoed around Fane. Not a single person thought that Fane could do anything.

Fane did not care what everyone else thought. He merely took a deep breath as he moved his hand. Everyone heard a piercing sound, and blood immediately flowed from Fane's throat. It was the first time Fane felt his life slowly slipping away.

That was the feeling of being close to death, but Fane was not in a panic at all. Even though everyone had talked up a storm, feeling like Fane's crazy actions were him giving up, no one expected Fane to actually do it.

"This guy actually did kill himself. If he really wanted to give up and leave this place, he could have just stopped fighting and let the wind beasts finish him. Did he need to kill himself? Does he think it would look sad? So what if it did? Would we look at him in a better light?"

Fane's actio
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