Chapter 2894

The next second, the wind beasts suddenly started to explode one by one, turning into green specs of light, dispersing into the air. Everything had happened too quickly, and the warriors did not even have a chance to react.

"What happened? Why did those wind beasts suddenly explode into a green light?"

"I don't know, could we have accidentally broken the array?"

"Maybe we've all lost?" At the same time as everyone was celebrating the disappearance of those annoying wind beasts, they started to discuss why the wind beasts disappeared.

As everyone was wondering in confusion, the wizened voice was heard again, "The Phantom Array has been broken. The fifth level's test has ended. The victor will be given one key!"

That answered the doubt in everyone's hearts. When they heard that someone had actually broken the array, they all widened their eyes as they looked around at each other in confusion.

At that moment, they only had one thought in mind. They all wondered which genius had brok
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So what happened to Fanes family? Still in mustard seed? How long is he going to keep them there without interacting with them? What about his ‘second’ wife?

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