Chapter 2895

As he got closer to the key, the man's smile deepened, "The key is mine!"

He let out an excited roar as he reached out to the key with all his might. Yet, purple lightning suddenly descended from the skies at that moment. Everyone merely heard a crack as the lightning fell right on the man.

The man let out a cry of agony as his whole body started to twitch. His skin started to blacken visibly as he was set on fire.

He had already stopped breathing by the time his body hit the ground. He had been killed by the lightning that struck him. Everyone shuddered when they saw the sight.

When the golden key had descended, everyone had greedy thoughts in their minds. However, the green-robed man had been the only person to try to steal the key. After all, everyone still had a line they would not cross.

They knew that they could very well be punished by the laws if they made any moves. When they saw what happened to the man, all of them were incredibly thankful that they did not attempt to
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