Chapter 2896

He laughed as he said to Edgar, "You really were right. He really was breaking the array earlier. Fane's really something else. He's better than you both in talent and intelligence!"

Edgar looked like he had been slapped by those words. Edgar looked at Albert with a look of intense hatred.

Albert laughed it off, and as the two of them were about to quarrel again, the space around them suddenly distorted, surrounding everyone.

Fane took a deep breath, not fighting back at the distorted space surrounding him. After a few moments, the space around him returned to normal.

After he opened his eyes again, he noticed that he had left that dark and yellow world, and arrived at a pitch black one. Thankfully, Rudy was by his side. Rudy widened his eyes as Rudy looked around in shock.

The sudden distortion earlier had thoroughly scared Rudy. Rudy reached out to grab Fane's arm, afraid that something was happening.

Fane turned to look at Rudy, "Don't worry, the space suddenly distorted earli
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