Chapter 2898

Fane looked down at the entry token in his hand. The entry token could not help Fane get into a seventh level city but was actually only a guide toward the next city.

Without the entry token, there was no way Fane could find the seventh level city even with all the skills in the world. Fane slowly started to understand that the Whirling World itself was a massive array. No matter how strong one was, they were insignificant in the whole of Whirling World.

They would never be able to shake the laws of the Whirling World. Even if they had a map, they still needed to move according to the rules of the Whirling World, slowly advancing deeper inside. The more time passed, the more curious Fane got about the Whirling World. He wanted to see what lies at the end of the Whirling World.

What secrets were hidden there? What were the Unbreaking Pavilion and Phoenix Valley planning? Those thoughts kept on circling Fane's mind. From what he had gathered, the two forces definitely had an immense s
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