Chapter 2899

Rudy stiffened at those words, suddenly getting excited and exclaimed, "A city for alchemists? Prosper City is a city for alchemists?!"

Fane nodded as Fane slowly raised his head, looking at the gray skies.

"The Whirling World is an incredibly special place. The other seventh level cities are more or less the same, but only Prosper City has an indication next to it. It's written clearly that Prosper City was a city meant to test alchemists. All alchemists could head there."

With Fane's confirmation, Rudy excitedly bounced around and cheered. He had an excited look on his face. Fane felt a little happy seeing how excited Rudy was.

He had been wondering if he should head to Prosper City or somewhere else. In truth, Fane had a lot of choices on hand. After all, Fane was not weak in any way. After thinking about it for a while, he decided on Prosper City.

Rudy was one of the reasons, but even more so was that he wanted to obtain the rewards from Prosper City. He might have done very w
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