Chapter 2900

"When have you ever seen an alchemist that's so strong? All alchemists throw themselves into the art, how could they have time to practice combat?!"

Gent Morales was an alchemist that was raised by the Unbreaking Pavilion. He had quite a lot of pride. The Unbreaking Pavilion was somewhere that cultivated warriors, so alchemists only took up a small percentage.

When they were in the clan, they were respected because of their status as an alchemist. However, the chosen disciples of the Unbreaking Pavilion would never bother showing respect to alchemists of their level. The chosen disciples felt like alchemists were just there to provide a service, and that alchemists were nothing that special.

That was why Gent did not really like warriors that much. Mark Wright was the leader of all the alchemists from the Unbreaking Pavilion for the trip to the Whirling World, and could naturally not let the emotions get the better of him like this.

Mark stared at Gent and said, "Since it's an ord
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