Chapter 2901

"I think there's something else behind this," whispered an alchemist from the Unbreaking Pavilion who seemed to be of no great rank.

Gent raised an eyebrow before turning around. "Something else behind what?"

That person hurriedly replied, "The order to capture Fane alive. I don't think it's because of what happened in Black Sun City."

Right after he said that, Gent was taken aback for a moment. The others, too, started to discuss the matter.

"What could it be, then? You're just speculating at this point. Don't just say whatever you want to! Everyone knows about what happened in Black Sun City, but other than that, nothing else has been said."

The average-looking man meaningfully persisted, "Of course, I'm not just saying it blindly. Just think about it: who was the one who issued this order?!"

Everyone fell silent at this. They exchanged looks among themselves, suddenly understanding.

A thought occurred to Gent at that moment. "It was Grayson."

The man nodded. "It was Grayson.
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