Chapter 2902

Rudy deflated as he looked at Fane. "I just feel like the entry test isn't hard at all. We just need to complete thirty runes in the condensing plate to obtain the right to enter the city. Plus, we can bring a person along! What an easy test…"

Fane felt exasperated when he heard this. "You haven't even seen what sort of pill runes you'll need to complete. How do you know it'll be easy?"

"It's just an entry test!" refuted Rudy weakly. "How could they give out difficult problems? We just need to complete thirty pill runes, which I'm all up for. Don't look down on me!"

Fane did not know what to say at that moment. Fane had never underestimated Rudy and was just speaking the truth. If Rudy continued to stand his ground on the matter, Fane had nothing else to say.

The two of them were talking to each other when Rudy looked up and saw the stone plate in front of them. They walked toward the stone plate and read the words on the plate.

[The price is set. Ten thousand spirit crystals per
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