Chapter 3059

"You know nothing about Lucius, so how are you so sure he'll lose? Do you think everyone will end up getting burnt to a crisp like Lesley?!"

After Rudy said that, he looked at Arne coldly, causing Arne to turn purple in the face. "What did you say?!"

Rudy smiled coldly. "I'm speaking human words. Do you not understand them? Can you shut that annoying mouth of yours? You might feel that it's fine after you speak, but please be considerate of how others feel. I feel like puking the moment you open your mouth, do you know that? The things you say are far too stupid!"

The moment Rudy started talking, he could not stop himself. He recalled everything that Arne had said and got even furious. If he could, he wanted to kill Arne with his words.

Arne stood up from his seat angrily as the tension between the two of them rose instantly. The tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife, and a fight was bound to happen if nothing was done.

The disciples of the Deer Pavilion hurriedly pull
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