Chapter 3060

However, Fane did not care. He even activated the laws of space around his blade, causing the original attack to only need to travel half the distance.

The Thousand Feathered Beast let out a cry and shot up into the air like before. This time, it was unfortunately not as quick to dodge as a fraction of the nine-meter slash pierced through its lower body!

The Thousand Feathered Beast's whole body stiffened as its wings constantly shook. It could not stop crying out in the air.

Someone shouted among the spectators, "It hit! The slash hit the lower body of that bird!"

"Something's wrong! Look! Why aren't there any wounds on the bird's body at all? It clearly hit the beast, so why isn't there any blood at all?"

"That's true! I feel like that bird just shouted out a few times! It's still flying upwards…so it's not affected at all!"

The Thousand Feathered Beast indeed flapped its wings to stay afloat. Fane's Destroying the Void did pierce the Thousand Feathered Beast's lower body. Othe
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polo escamilla
To much same story u can inly imagine everytime he fights argues or makes enemies book never end ...
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Absolute rubbish,repeating everything over and over and,making no sense whatsoever. I don’t know how you have the nerve to call these chapters!
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Aman Ankit
To author: what did you write today? please have a look and see how low class writing it is

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