Chapter 3061

"That's right, there is no limit to the black iron bet. There's no guarantee you can even see one in a whole month. Many people would get instigated by the black iron bet and throw away their whole life savings, trying to earn a big sum.

"One to seven odds is far too alluring. If Arne wasn't making such a big fuss earlier, quite a few people might have bitten the bait and put a lot of spirit crystals on Lucius. Then, they'd really be suffering great losses!"

"That's right, I almost put all my life savings on Lucius. After I heard what all of you said, I was lucky enough to realize my mistakes. I placed my bet on the beast. Even if the odds are only one to two, it would still double my spirit crystals! It's still a good thing…"

Just as everyone was busy discussing, the Thousand Feathered Beast suddenly fell from the air. With a bang, the beast's massive body heavily slammed onto the stage, causing dust to fly everywhere!

As it flew in the air, the beast still had the strength to con
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