Chapter 3062

Some managed to guess, but most of them were still trapped in confusion. All of them frowned, anxious to know the answer. The passionate discussions did not stop things from going on as they should. After being sure that the beast was dead, the masked caretaker walked up the stage steadily.

He raised his hand and waved, "Challenger, please exit the stage. The stage needs to undergo maintenance. The second match will commence in five minutes."

Fane nodded as he turned around and left the stage. He looked around at the passionate crowd. At that moment, even the calmest warriors were deep in discussions.

Fane had planned to return to the spectator stands since Rudy was still there. Yet, when he saw how thirsty everyone was for more information, Fane immediately changed his mind. He did not want to bother talking to them at all. They could assume whatever they wanted to.

After all, only one match had ended. After three battles were all done would those people stop insulting him. Fane k
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