Chapter 3064

Those sentiments quickly became mainstream among the spectators. In truth, the one with the most complicated mood at that moment was Arne from the Deer Pavilion. After witnessing Fane's win, he was absolutely stunned.

His mouth dropped and even his breathing became erratic! He refused to believe what he saw was real, nor did he want to. When he saw the beast being stabbed in the throat, Arne immediately stood up from his seat.

He reached out and clutched his throat as if he had been the one who was stabbed! If the disciples behind him had not pulled him back, Arne might not have been able to control himself anymore.

Thankfully, the discussions around them slowly calmed him down. Even if there was no one of any significance there, he had to say that they were right this time.

Lucius had only won because Lucius was lucky to have specialized in the soul attribute while the opposing beast was not a defensive one. That's how Lucius won.

Luck would not always be on his side. The second
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