Chapter 3067

The hound's saliva was all over the floor which looked quite disgusting. Since Fane had not moved at all, the hound started to get anxious. It had been waiting for Fane to make the first move but did not expect Fane to be so patient, merely standing in place with his sword in hand, not moving at all.

Slowly, the hound's patience wore off. Its hind legs bent slightly, looking like it was about to attack. Looking at that, Fane raised an eyebrow as his left hand constantly moved, forming seal after seal.

In the air, a hundred soul swords slowly condensed. After being summoned by Fane, those swords turned into black spots of light and fused into the sword in Fane's right hand.

This time, he did not hold back at all. The upper ultimate god rank technique, Destroying the Void, had already been completely mastered by Fane, and Fane was using it in full force! The whole blade was filled with Fane's full might.

With a howl, the hound could finally not hold back anymore as it shot right at
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