Chapter 3068

With a thud, the hound's body fell heavily on the stage. Fane looked at the hound's body, not showing much emotion at all. After all, he had already expected that result.

The hound was no match for the Thousand Feathered Beast, and its attacks only relied on brute strength. It was not going to trouble Fane at all. After the hound died,the barrier around the stage disappeared.

Fane turned around slowly as he walked off the stage calmly. He knew that the caretakers needed to clean up the stage to revert it to its original state.

When Fane walked off the stage, he was shocked to realize that the noisy spectators had turned completely silent. He looked up to see that all of the spectators had their eyes widened, and their mouths were gaping as well.

No one was talking anymore. It looked like the warriors on the spectator stands had all frozen in place. Even their breathing was shallow.

It took a long time before someone started to rub their eyes and pinch their arms, telling themselve
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