Chapter 3069

"Shouldn't you at least address the matter to us? I had planned on placing my bet on Lucius, but all of you did your best to stop me!"

"That's right! Weren't you so sure that Lucius would definitely lose in the second match? Weren't you sure that he would lose incredibly badly too? You even analyzed everything so much, talking like you've personally witnessed it. Why aren't you saying anything now?"

"Can you stop trying to hide?! I had planned on just gambling on Lucius, but you were the ones who laughed at me for trying to stand out from the crowd, and seemed so confident in your analysis!

"Thanks to all of you, I have placed my spirit crystals on the beasts and took out my whole family fortune. Don't think you can just avoid everything like this. If you don't do something about this, I won't let you off!"

Thanks to Fane's victory, those warriors that had been so sure that Fane would lose did not dare to say anything anymore. However, when the shouts got louder and louder, some pe
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