Chapter 3070

After all, Lucius was definitely a wandering warrior. The mustache man felt a bitter taste in his mouth, regretting that he had bet on the beast. He should have ignited his gambler's spirit and betted everything on Fane.

If Fane really won, he would have gotten seven times the crystals back. Just thinking about it drove him crazy. Even if he had not spent his whole fortune like some others, he still put in quite a bit.

A loss would be quite a big blow for that man. After all, he did not come from a large clan and had slowly accumulated his wealth.

He had participated in so many bets before and had carefully made safe choices for all of them. This time, he had gotten a bit greedy, but he did not expect the results to end up like this! The man felt a chill as he shook his head, shutting his mouth up.

Arne felt his whole body stiffen, not even feeling like he was breathing. He felt like everything seemed unreal as if he was in a dream. Otherwise, he would not have seen something so ab
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