Chapter 3071

However, Arne was not trying to convince those around him. He was only trying to convince himself.

He panted as he continued to say loudly, "The third match is about to start! He's already used all his luck on the second one. You absolutely won't win the third match! You can't get the black iron medal!"

As he said that, Arne's expression started to get more and more resolved. It was as if what he said would definitely happen. Even God would not be able to change it!

Everyone did not know what to say after they heard that. They even felt like Arne was quite pitiful at that moment. After all, Lucius was just a wandering warrior, but he had already won two rounds. He only had the last round left to win the black iron bet.

Luck would not always stick to one person. Even if they did not want to see Lucius winning, the reality was right in front of all of them. Even if they wanted to deny it, they had no reason to.

The second beast relied on brute strength to fight. Those beasts were us
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