Chapter 3072

Just like before, compared to the others, Fane had chosen the beast incredibly quickly. He clearly had five minutes to choose, but Fane merely picked one out swiftly. However, this time the spectators were strangely quiet. Not a single one of them voiced any opposing sentiments.

The truth was on display for all of them to see. The more they had doubted Fane, the greater the blow had been on them! When it came to this wandering warrior, anything could happen!

When the nine-tailed scarlet fox solidified, the spectators were already completely silent. The fox's body was completely red, and its fur was very bright. Compared to how ferocious other beasts looked, the fox looked much tamer.

On closer inspection, there seemed to even be a hint of human charm to the fox. However, no matter how nice the fox looked, it was still just a beast in Fane's eyes.

After the nine-tailed fox dropped to the ground, it stood at the opposite end of the stage to Fane. The fox was quite smart. Its intellig
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