Chapter 3073

The spectators were all retreating. Some of them were shouting out while some of them were frantically running away! At that moment, Fane was in no mood to care about anyone else but merely looked over at Rudy.

Rudy seemed exceptionally pitiful in front of the crowd. He had a look of complete horror as he constantly begged for mercy. Since he was seated at the front, he had been the closest to the caretakers. At that moment, they were already in front of him.

The caretakers seemed to have gone mad, slashing at everyone they saw. Their skills were extraordinary. They were at least in the divine solidifying realm. Warriors at that level were absolutely impossible to defeat especially when none of them were over sixty years of age! No one had any ability to stand up to the caretakers!

The caretakers were incredibly quick. After cutting off two heads in front of him, Rudy was right in front of them!

If Fane continued to not do anything, then Rudy would definitely die! Feeling Fane's ga
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