Chapter 3074

He narrowed his eyes as he chanted at the stage again, "He'll definitely die! He won't get away this time! That fox will bite down on his throat!"

At that moment, Arne seemed like a scorned woman who only knew how to curse. The nine-tailed scarlet fox finally moved. It was sure that Fane was already trapped in the illusion, unable to escape for the moment! That had been the chance it was waiting for!

The nine-tailed scarlet fox opened its mouth, revealing a human-like sinister smile on its face. It suddenly shot forward at Fane at an incredible speed!

At that moment, everyone held their breaths. The distance between the beast and Fane got shorter and shorter. With how fast the fox was, it only took a while for it to be right in front of Fane. If Fane did not wake up at that time, he would definitely die!

Everyone there, including Rudy, who was still absolutely confident in Fane, held their breaths. Rudy might be confident in Fane's skills, but he did not know if Fane could withstan
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