Chapter 3075

The moment the fox died, the barrier around the arena completely dispersed. Fane finally let out a sigh of relief as he breathed in the air from outside. It was finally done.

Even though the three matches were actually not that difficult for Fane, he did not want to waste any more time in the outer city.

After the fox died, its body turned back into energy and was absorbed by Hundred Beast city. Once the energy had been completely absorbed, a bundle of black smoke suddenly formed in the air.

The smoke got denser and denser before it finally condensed together and formed a medal that was about the size of half a palm. Fane reached out and the medal fell into his hand.

That was the famous black iron medal. It was the highest honor in the outer city. Fane had not felt anything when he saw someone else with it earlier, but now that he got it himself, Fane was actually quite elated.

His lips curled up slightly as he walked over to Rudy. Rudy was already waving his hands excitedly as he
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