Chapter 3076

Thanks to the earlier frustrations he suffered, Rudy no longer wanted to bear with it anymore. He let out a cold laugh as he stood up from his seat. Just like how Arne had acted before this, he headed right to the center of the spectator stands.

He shouted out as he walked, "Do all of you know who you should be directing your hatred to? Who was it that did the most to instigate everyone, speaking like he knew the best in the world? He even threatened you all to not bet your spirit crystals on Lucius!"

Rudy's words were directed to Arne. With what Rudy said, everyone finally remembered what Arne had done earlier. They immediately changed their target as they started to shout at Arne, "Arne, you dog! It's one thing for you to think that Lucius wouldn't win. Why did you try to get us to not believe in him as well? It's because of your grudge toward him. That's the only reason you dragged us into going against Lucius as well!

"Your hands are dirty! It's because we listened to your basel
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