Chapter 3077

This greatly worried Arne's fellow disciples behind him. After looking at Arne for a long time, they noticed that Arne did not seem to hear anything anyone was saying at all, no matter how loud the shouts got.

One of them said with concern, "Arne, are you alright? Well, the kid just got lucky, I bet. Even if it's hard to get lucky three times in a row, it doesn't mean it's impossible.

"I just think that this guy only managed to win three in a row purely out of luck, but it doesn't prove that he's strong at all. Yeah, that's right—he's just lucky. We've already told our fellow disciples about him anyway. As long as the chance arises, we won't let him live!"

After hearing that, Arne's stiffened face finally moved. After a long time, Arne slowly spoke in a raspy voice, "You're right, luck was just on his side! That's how he won three in a row…"

Arne was already at the stage where he would never accept the truth, even if it was right in front of him. Even if luck could only play a sma
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