Chapter 3078

Fane laughed and coolly remarked, "It looks like you'll never admit to anything. Honestly, it's fine even if you refuse to admit it!"

After saying that, Fane took out his black iron medal from Mustard Seed. He looked at the medal and said, "Even until the end, all you've been was a complete clown. You tried to criticize me with your standards? Hilarious!"

Fane looked right at Arne and said loudly, "That person who you claimed to only like to show off completed the black iron bet. Shouldn't it be your turn now? Didn't you say before this that you'd start a black iron bet?

"Or is someone a wuss now? Were you just giving out empty promises? All you know to do is to run your mouth, but you don't have the skills to prove yourself at all!"

Fane's words instantly reminded everyone that Arne had promised so much and said that he would start a black iron bet to clear his name.

Arne's lips twitched as his earlier demeanor completely deflated. He started to pant roughly, not daring to look F
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