Chapter 3079

Fane's memory was impeccable. The bald man had shown off his fortune at that moment, saying that he managed to accumulate that many spirit crystals in all his years, confident that he would double it if he bet it all on the beasts.

It was impossible for him to even get back what he put in at that point, let alone double it. In just one turn, he was reduced to a mere beggar, so he was already mentally destroyed.

After the bald man heard that, he suddenly looked at Fane with a complicated gaze. His lips twitched as he was filled with regret.

He had planned on betting everything on the warrior, but after hearing everyone's discussions as well as what Arne said, he changed his mind. If he had put his whole fortune on Fane, he would have made over five million!

Just thinking about that filled his eyes with hatred.

He suddenly stood up and walked toward Arne. The bald man's inner rage had completely exploded. He focused all that anger on him.

If Arne was not there, he would not have lo
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