Chapter 3080

Alas, he could never take back what he said, and the warriors around him would not let him go easily after all that he had done either. He had to explain himself.

The bald man's actions only made the warriors around them happier. A lot of people there had pinned the blame for their loss of spirit crystals on Arne's words and threats.

When everyone saw that Arne failed to answer, a lot of them stood up like the bald man and hurled insults at Arne, saying he was scum and a complete fake.

Their provoking words caused Arne to tremble in anger. He looked at all of them who mocked him in hatred.

After being shouted at for a while, Arne could finally not hold back. "Listen well! I'll start the black iron bet right now! I, Arne, am not some coward nor am I a fake!"

After saying all of that, he used the outer city token to register in front of everyone. After doing that, the skeleton-masked caretaker once again walked up the stage with the pitch-black scroll.

After doing all of that, Arne
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